Lexus LFA for sale: Can you guess how much?

Only 500 examples of the awesome Lexus LFA supercar were made in its short, two-year production span. When new, demand outstripped supply; and the same is true for pre-owned examples of our depreciation-proof modern classic. On the rare occasion when a Lexus LFA does come up for sale, it is usually snapped up by appreciative enthusiasts.

That was certainly the case with this exceptional example, which was recently offered for sale at auction by RM Sotheby’s.

Lexus LFA for sale

Offered for auction by RM Sotheby’s in the recent Amelia Island collection, this beautiful sports car is number 430 in the production run. It is said to be one of just 11 examples presented in Steel Grey paintwork (code 9H9) and is specified with a bespoke interior combination of black leather seats set against red Alcantara trim. Its left-hand drive layout makes it one of just 238 examples produced in this configuration.

According to the accompanying information, this LFA was first delivered by Larry H Miller Lexus of Murray, Utah, USA in 2012, after which the car resided in a private collection and saw very little use. Indeed, at the time of cataloguing, the LFA had travelled less than 500 miles in total and was reported to be in as-new condition in every category.

Which leads us to the most important question: How much did this iconic machine sell for?

RM Sotheby’s reported that the Lexus LFA sold at auction for a cool $720,000, equivalent to around £510,000. The buyer remains anonymous but you can be sure that they recognised this as an unmistakable opportunity to purchase what is essentially a brand new example of this iconic machine.

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  1. One of the loveliest modern cars ever made . Albeit I have not driven the RCF it seems that this more affordable “comparable” car did not live up to it’s expectations.

  2. This car is one of the many reasons why I love Lexus. I have admired Lexus for the last 3 years or so. I think when they made the decision to make the design of their cars more modern, thats when they changed from being a really nice drive to the all round package.

    1. Hi Aurelien,
      Thank you for contacting us. The Lexus LFA is rarely offered for sale, given its very limited production run of just 500 units. Our recommendation is that if you do spot one for sale – which will be most likely at a specialist car retailer – act quickly. Similar to all our others cars we would also recommend getting it serviced by experts. Please find an article about this: Best of luck.

        1. Hi Steve,

          Thanks for getting in touch, this is amazing to hear. Congratulations on your purchase, this is a highly sought after, rare car and we wish you many happy miles with it. We would love to see any pictures you may have. If this is something you would be interested in please feel free to share them on Facebook/Twitter and tag us, it would be great to see how it’s looking now since we posted our blog.


          1. Hi. Thankyou for your kind words. I don’t do social media but you might find the vehicle on a website where I had it detailed etc. I bought it from Lexus stoke. The GM (George)and team were probably the best people as far as customer service was concerned and trust me I Know as I have a few ferraris, AMGs etc. Apologies for the lack of photographs etc.

          2. Hi Steve,

            Thanks for getting back in touch and for sharing this, we’ll be sure to pass on your positive comments. Not to worry about no photos, we’re just glad to hear you’re enjoying driving it and we wish you many more amazing miles behind the wheel.


  3. Japanese if you can whatever you buy. Built to last. Not the last word in styling but atmospheric sound and experience!

  4. What a car with an awesome V10 engine which was worked in collaboration with Yamaha which sounds like a Formula 1 car. One of the best V10 engines made and probably the most reliable too which recs to 9,000 rpm. Definitely one to have in my car wish list.

  5. “When new, demand outstripped supply” – Not true. It didn’t sell particularly well when it was released, it was only afterwards that appreciation grew and due to its rarity, prices and demand increased.

  6. Hope this is better than the 300h RC F sport. As this car is crap. Full of faults only four years old. I would never buy another Lexus.

    1. Hi Neil,

      Thanks for getting in touch with us. We’re really sorry to hear you’re unhappy with your RC F. We would like to see how we can help by putting you in touch with our customer relations team, as they are best placed to investigate this further. We will email you directly in order to gain additional details and open a case with our team.


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