Used Lexus hybrid systems: Just how economical are they?

Lexus RX 400h

We set out to prove that our pioneering Lexus Hybrid systems can continue to be reliable and efficient even after they have seen plenty of years of day-to-day living. To do so, we equipped our 15-year-old Lexus RX 400h with a telematics device and recorded our daily drives, and the results were surprising.

Please note that the results shown below are based on this specific vehicle only. All hybrids of this age will perform differently and results could vary due to a number of factors, including driving style, conditions, speed and vehicle load.

How long does a Lexus hybrid battery last?

All Lexus hybrid models are equipped with a hybrid battery that is engineered to last the lifetime of the vehicle. Our faith in the longevity of this key component is evidenced by including a comprehensive Hybrid Health Check in each regular service programme, which forms the basis for providing the hybrid battery with a warranty for up to 15 years.

Interestingly, the length of this warranty is almost double that of the average age of a vehicle in the UK, and even exceeds the average age of a vehicle that is scrapped in the UK. But while there is a generous maximum age for the warranty, it does not mean that a Lexus hybrid model will come to the end of its usable life at 15 years old. Far from it!

Used Lexus Hybrid graphic 1

To help prove this fact, the Lexus UK social media team purchased a relatively high-mileage Lexus RX 400h from an independent motor trader in the summer of 2019. Since then, we have taken the 2006 car through a series of health checks, a major service, an MoT test, and treated it to new OEM tyres on all four corners. In between these publicised events, the RX has been used as a support vehicle on photoshoots, a department pool car and even a development mule for the accessories division. The mileage now stands at 148,533, which is roughly equivalent to almost six times around the globe.

Why did we fit a telematics device?

Soon after purchasing the RX 400h, we installed a sophisticated telematics device to capture the driving data of every journey undertaken, irrespective of the distance, road conditions, route or driver.

Used Lexus Hybrid graphic 2

Its combination of GPS and OBD-sourced data gave us detailed information on the effectiveness of the vehicle’s hybrid technology in everyday driving. This included not only straightforward parameters such as distance, time and average speed but also the average fuel economy and proportion of each journey carried out on EV power alone.

What did the results of the telematics device show?

Our telematics device recorded over one hundred individual journeys by seven different drivers. The shortest distance was 0.61 miles and the longest in a single stretch was 131.51 miles, all of which averaged out at around 20 miles per journey over a total test distance of 2,037 miles. To put this into context, the average daily commute in the UK is a round trip of 23 miles.

Of greater interest, however, were the figures relating to fuel economy and EV assistance – areas that have a direct bearing on the effectiveness of the hybrid battery and associated hardware.

Used Lexus Hybrid graphic 3

When the Lexus RX 400h was launched in 2005, it offered the lowest fuel consumption in the premium petrol SUV market – a combined figure of 34.9mpg. Incredibly, our data showed that even with intergalactic mileage under its belt, 64% of our journeys exceeded that official figure. The RX frequently recorded economy in the mid-to-high 40s and beyond. In fact, the highest recorded fuel economy was a remarkable 62.3mpg in a nine-minute urban journey over 2.48 miles, where the RX remained in zero-emission EV mode for 79% of the time and 73% of the distance.

Used Lexus Hybrid graphic 4

The technology behind Lexus Hybrid Drive constantly looks for opportunities to switch the petrol engine off and rely on pure EV power. This is why the percentage of time spent in EV mode varied greatly, from just 5% to 100%. However, data from across the entire 101 journeys revealed that the RX spent a significant 43% of its driving time purely on electric power, which equated to 30% of the total distance travelled. That’s more than 600 miles of silent, luxurious travel using no fuel whatsoever.

What has our telematics test proved about the used Lexus hybrid system?

As you can see from the above infographic images, the results were encouraging and provided convincing proof that the hybrid system in our RX 400h remains fit, healthy and ready for many more years of service: for the lifetime of the vehicle, just as we said at the beginning.

Independent driver surveys have frequently hailed Lexus vehicles as the best-used cars on the market. Our experience with a 15-year-old RX 400h – the first of all Lexus hybrid models, remember – and hard data extracted from its day-to-day use reveals a car that is also reliable, economical and built to last.


  1. Had a 400 for 8+ years at which point it was 13 years old and needed surgery whose price didn’t justify keeping it. Best car to date in 50+ years of driving. Until I got my NX! Much more comfortable (didn’t know it was possible) plus updated tech. Love the full length glass roof too. I think the reason people keep them so long is that the service costs are similar to same size models with much less reliability- so why not buy Lexus.

    1. Hello Martin,
      Thank you for your kind words. We are so pleased to hear that you are loving your Lexus NX.
      We wish you many more happy miles behind the wheel.

      1. I just bought a Lexus Rx 400h which has been used for 15 years , what is the life span of the battery and when and how can I replace the battery Incase it fails.

        1. Hello Sunday, thanks for your question.

          We would recommend booking a Hybrid Health Check to confirm that the system is still delivering optimal performance. An annual Hybrid Health Check is free of charge as part of any Lexus Service. However, if your service isn’t due for a while, a standalone Hybrid Health check is available for just £59.

          You can find more information on this here:


  2. I can vouch for the long term reliability and fuel economy of Lexus hybrid vehicles based on my ownership of a GS450h. I have driven over 300,000 miles in the car, it currently has 325,000 miles on the clock and returns 39mpg. It regularly covers 1,000 miles a week without missing a beat. The car still drives as well as the day I bought it. This is my third GS, the previous two hitting 220,000 and 250,000 although neither were hybrid. Great cars.

    1. Hello K M Pollard,
      Thank you for getting in touch.
      We appreciate your kind words and wish you many more happy miles in your GS450h.

  3. I have a Lexus GS300H with an average petrol consumption since new of 45.2mpg and a recorded mpg of 48.7 since last fill up.
    A fantastic vehicle now 6 years old. The first set of tyres lasted for 41,000. Miles.
    Overall a totally brilliant vehicle.

    1. Hello Peter,
      Thank you for contacting us.
      We are so pleased to hear that you have enjoyed your GS300h throughout the years.
      If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out.
      We wish you many more luxurious miles.

  4. I have a Lexus RX400HSE which is currently showing an overall fuel consumption of 31.5 mpg. I am not a vigorous driver although most of my miles are now relatively short distances. As you see I am not getting near to the consumption figures recorded by drivers responding. Do I have a problem? By the way I do love my car for comfort and driving is a pleasure. I have had at least 10 different cars over my driving career and the Lexus takes some beating.

    1. Hi Brian,

      It sounds like the shorter nature of your journeys may be having an impact on your fuel economy. This is the same for any car, not just hybrids. Even so, without inspecting the vehicle, it is impossible to say whether it has a problem.


  5. Afternoon Lexus and owners’. I am in the market for a used IS300h / GS300h (2014 ish) ideally in an F Sport trim.
    They appear to be still fairly pricey on online sites compared to other brands which in some ways bodes well for residuals.
    Anyway, is there anything you can advise on both vehicles for what i should be looking out for when buying used ie; known faults / recalls, commons issues to be aware of an particularly the health and maintenance of the hybrid system? How long cn i expect the battery to last and if in need of replacement – what would the cost of this be?

    I really fancy the luxury of a lexus however anxious a car of this age may end up being more costly in the long run.
    Will a vehicle of this age still hold any particular warranty?

    Kind Regards

    1. Hello Gurdip,
      Thank you for contacting Lexus.
      Your nearest Lexus Centre would be best placed to assist you further with this query.
      You can find them here –
      Furthermore, all Lexus models up to 10 years old / covered 100,000 miles can be covered by Lexus Relax.
      This service activated warranty gives Lexus owners 12 months / 10,000 miles’ cover for their vehicle each time they have it serviced at an official Lexus centre.
      You can read more about Lexus Relax here –
      Please let us know if you have any further questions.

  6. Obviously good cars. But they are basically Toyota’s in nicer form. I think the batteries seem to work well, it just makes the car heavier than a petrol only one. They’re good value for money, I like Lexus and when I am financially settled, I’ll definitely buy one. The long term future looks to be fully EV or hydrogen – wonder where this’ll lead to…. Once I can buy a hybrid Lexus with reasonable mileage and quite young for £9k, then that is when I’ll be able to have one. One thing in cost, insurance group is high, but apart from that they’re great

  7. I am the 2nd owner of a lexus 400h. My hybrid lasted 207k miles. 127k with me. I intend to replace the hybrid because the car is rock solid. I just love my car.

    1. Hello Petula, thanks for sharing this with us.

      We are pleased to hear you are enjoying many luxurious miles in your Lexus.

      Is there a particular Lexus you are interested in for your second car?

      Please let us know if you have any questions about this.


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