Why you should buy tyres from a Lexus centre

Where do you buy tyres for your Lexus? Have you tried searching for deals online, or perhaps defaulted to a fast-fit establishment? These are valid options. But how can you ensure that you are receiving the best advice or even the correct tyre specification for your car?

We believe these concerns are solved by sourcing new tyres from your local Lexus centre. Let us explain why this is the case.

Why you should buy tyres from a Lexus centre

Better stocks: Rather than trying to accommodate the needs of the entire motoring public, Lexus centres are able to focus on maintaining stocks of the tyres that Lexus owners actually require. This means they are more likely to have the correct original equipment specification tyres immediately available, saving owners precious time.

Correct specifications: Each Lexus vehicle is designed to operate most efficiently and safely with a precise tyre specification. This specification is not limited to just the width, side profile and diameter of the tyre; it also includes correct load index and speed ratings. Lexus centres have access to this information and will therefore be able to advise owners on installing tyres that match the original equipment specification.

Excellent value: Lexus centres will fit the correct tyres for your vehicle at a very competitive price. However, if you find these tyres available locally for a cheaper price, the service manager will be happy to match that figure. Terms and conditions apply to this offer, just ask your local Lexus Centre for more details.

Careful installation: The tyre-changing machines in Lexus centres are specified to take the greatest care of all alloy wheels within the entire Lexus range, right up to the 21-inch forged alloy wheels of the Lexus LC. Direct contact between the machine and wheel is minimised, while the tyre levers and other manipulation tools are fabricated in composite material to avoid wheel damage. Lexus technicians are also trained to be especially mindful of expensive tyre pressure monitoring systems located close to the inner rims of the wheels.

We bought new tyres from Lexus Gatwick

During the past six months we have visited Lexus Gatwick on a number of occasions for various procedures on our 2006 Lexus RX 400h. Each visit has concluded with a comprehensive safety report detailing the visual condition of the car. This report has been valuable in gauging the overall health of the vehicle and understanding the recommended timeframes for remedial work.

The latest report showed that a complete tyre change was necessary in the immediate future. This was primarily due to tread wear but we were also aware that the tyres were mismatched between the axles, displaying different brands, load ratings and even tread compounds. It was therefore our intention to restore the RX to run on tyres that matched those supplied by the factory.

Knowing the tyre that was exclusively designed for the Lexus RX and supplied as original equipment, Lexus Gatwick pointed us towards a set of Bridgestone Potenza RE031 tyres in the correct 235/55 R18 size and 99V load index and speed rating. Master technician Tim Woodley was again assigned to carry out the switchover.

Interestingly, Tim began by marking each wheel so it would be returned to the same corner of the vehicle. This ensures that any comments regarding specific wheels on previous visual safety reports would be correctly carried over. And although our RX is not equipped with a tyre pressure monitoring system, we noted that Tim followed the best practice of not working the tyre lever within a hand span of the valve.

In order to minimise the excessive use of balance weights, the balance point of the tyre (signified by a small yellow dot) was aligned with the valve stem. Nevertheless, where some additional balancing was required, Tim thoroughly cleaned the area of the inner wheel to ensure good adhesion for the weights.

After a quick wipe of copper grease around the hub, the refreshed wheels were bolted back on our RX and each nut torqued to 103Nm. Another visual safety report was carried out and the work completed with a thorough valet while we enjoyed a coffee in the centre’s comfortable waiting area. The whole process had been painless from start to finish, while the transformation in the handling and overall driving experience of the RX has made us much more appreciative of the objective reasons why Lexus sets precise tyre specifications.

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