Predictive Efficient Drive raises fuel efficiency

Intelligent Predictive Efficient Drive: for better fuel efficiency - Lexus NX

Predictive Efficient Drive is a new technology from Lexus that helps improve the performance of its hybrid electric and plug-in hybrid electric systems, reducing fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. 

Lexus has established 18 years’ experience in bringing electrification to the premium car market and its UK range today is dominated by low-emission, fuel-efficient models that use advanced self-charging hybrid and plug-in hybrid systems. As well as delivering the well-established qualities of electrified vehicles, such as a smooth ride, refined and dynamic performance, reassuring reliability and low maintenance costs, Lexus goes further to help maximise the potential benefits to its customers – and to the wider world. 

Intelligent Predictive Efficient Drive: for better fuel efficiency - Lexus NX

How does it work?

With the help of the Lexus Link app, selected Lexus hybrid and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles with embedded navigation systems will be able to learn a driver’s regular routes and driving style, while simultaneously looking ahead via live traffic data to anticipate opportunities to save fuel. More economical driving is automatically and seamlessly achieved by optimising the charging and discharging of the battery on hybrid models, and the use of full-electric or hybrid modes on PHEV vehicles.  

Intelligent Predictive Efficient Drive: for better fuel efficiency - Lexus NX

Data in the navigation system helps Predictive Efficient Drive identify journey sections where sudden deceleration happens – locations where regenerative braking can automatically be increased to maximise energy recovery. During navigation, when traffic is detected on the route ahead, the system proactively charges the battery to reduce the need for the engine to be used in slow or stop-start traffic. Additionally, the technology analyses upcoming traffic and road conditions, such as up/downhill or urban/motorway sections, and seamlessly adjusts battery charging and discharging for lower fuel consumption.  

The smart system becomes increasingly effective the more it is used, so as the number of miles driven increases, so does the volume of data at its disposal; this is then used to make ever more efficient use of the vehicle’s electrified powertrain. 

Which Lexus models come with Predictive Efficient Drive technology?

Predictive Efficient Drive made its debut in the latest Lexus NX hybrid and plug-in hybrid models with embedded Lexus Link Pro navigation and is expected to be rolled out to other models in the future. 


  1. I have a late NX450 h + Takumi , collected in Nov 22 . I am also disappointed with the Sat Nav , it doesn’t seem to show real time traffic information unless I am doing something incorrectly ? All of my previous cars dating back some 10 years did that as standard . Also the Sat Nav screen is so boring with basically just blue/black and white . Can it not show countryside etc in green . Towns a different colour . This probably my biggest disappointment with the car . If it had come from Russia or somewhere where their motor industry is not so advanced I would acccept but Japan is the home of technology. I queried these points on a recent recall and was told it should be available over the air as a download at some point but they didn’t seem sure about this and it certainly didn’t fill me with confidence .

  2. I had a RX450 H, with a3.5 litre engine . I assumed that the 450 h ment a 3.5 litre engine, so why doesn’t the NX 450h have one? Lexus marketing is becoming hard to follow!

    1. Hello Malcolm, thanks for your question.

      Our Product Team have advised that the 450h is loosely linked to the power output and engine size in the case of the RX. However, not directly, as it has a 3.5 litre engine and not a 4.5 litre engine. For NX 450h+, as it has a similar power output figure as the RX 450h, it shares the ‘450h’ part of the name.

      Hope this makes sense.


  3. I have had eight SE and ES 3oo models, starting from before they became hybrid and whilst initially and in the early days the hand books were UK friendly, However I found that in resent years, the Hand books have been European and definitely NOT UK friendly .
    On my early models Clocks change with UK clock changes, this is no longer the case on UK models.

  4. Hi
    Is it possible to establish the build month/year of my 2023 registered NX450h ? Does the VIN hold that information?

    1. Hello Collin, thanks for getting in touch.

      From our records, this vehicle’s production date is 15/12/2022, it was then registered 15/6/2023.

      Hope this information helps.


  5. I have a 2023 Rx350h. At times when I release the gas petal the car continues to rev to about 4,000rpms…whether I am going 20mph or 60mph at the time of release. This is a scary moment as it does not stop revving until you come to a stop or press on the gas. You feel like the car is going to continue to race and go faster according to the sound that you are hearing. It can happen on a flat back road with no traffic, or driving on a major highway, as there is no rhyme or reason behind the timing. I have never driven a car that does not decrease the rpms or the engine revving once the foot is taken off the gas. I was told this is normal. Please help me to understand as I do not feel safe.

    1. Hi Cheryll,

      Thanks for your comment. We’re sorry to hear you are experiencing issues with your RX. We would advise getting in touch with your local Lexus Centre who will be able to investigate this in person.


      Lexus UK

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