Lexus hybrid driving tips

To help you get the very best out of your Lexus, we have produced the following hybrid driving tips for you.

– Anticipate road conditions to avoid sudden braking and acceleration. Try to drive consistently

– Plan to keep moving and release the throttle pedal early – you gain MPG and regenerate some energy

– Gentle and early braking boosts regeneration, keeping the battery well-charged and allowing you to do more electric-only driving

– If travelling down a hill, encourage regenerative braking so that maximum benefit of the electric motor can be used for the ascent. Do not brake harder than the maximum reach of the meter, as braking energy beyond that point is not stored.

– Use gravity and momentum at all times to encourage electric-only driving. Electric driving is not limited to 28/30mph; accelerate to the required speed, then fully release the throttle to return to the lower areas of the eco zone to drive electrically at higher speeds

– Try to keep within the first part of the eco zone. Select ECO mode for smooth control

– Use EV mode at low speeds for silent, zero-emission driving. Combine it with ECO mode to stay in the eco zone, or combine it with POWER/SPORT mode for a more responsive EV drive

– To accelerate with optimum efficiency, use full throttle for a short burst of maximum power. When the desired speed is reached, lift off and immediately press the throttle again to put the meter in the eco zone to maintain your speed

– Ensure good maintenance (tyre pressures, oil, battery vent clear and excess weight removed)

– Use Climate Control sensibly

– When stationary, DO NOT select ‘N’ neutral as electricity will not be generated and the hybrid battery will discharge

– Consider the use of Cruise Control (at efficient speeds)

– Watch the instruments to help you understand the state of the system

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  1. I have a CT200h and think it brilliant. My concern for the winter is how best to drive it in slippery conditions since you cannot select say 2nd gear for example to pull away. Any advice welcome

    Tony Lord

    Plymouth UK

    1. Hi Tony,

      Thanks for getting in touch. You’re right to be concerned, as the weather we experience at this time of year can result in slippery and unpredictable driving conditions. We recommend that you consider having a set of winter tyres fitted. Click here for more information, or contact your local Lexus Centre for a quote.

      The best tips we can give you are always to accelerate slowly, and to drive at a reduced speed suitable to the conditions. For more winter driving tips, please consult pages 300-303 of your owners’ manual.

      I hope that helps!

  2. I’ve checked the advice on the on-line manual & I have to admit, I’m disappointed > It’s a few pages down on this link:

    I was taught many years ago how to use the gears to decelerate rather than the brakes, how if I needed to brake to pump the brake pedal if I lose traction, and was expecting similar tips within the manual. I had *assumed* that when negotiating hills in icy/snow I could place the car into a form of descent control/retarder. This doesn’t seem to exist; or have I misunderstood things?

    Living on top of some major hills, I’m keen to understand how my 200CT will live up to our winters.

    Regards, David.

    1. Hi David,

      Thanks for your questions and apologies for the delayed reply. We are looking into this for you and will get back to you as soon as possible.

    2. Hi again David,

      Apologies once again for the delayed reply – we took the time to consult various departments at Lexus UK HQ to make sure we gave you the most informative reply possible.

      Firstly, I’m sorry to hear you feel disappointed by the information in the manual. You’ve highlighted the fact that information about winter driving should be more readily available to owners of CVT vehicles – this is very useful feedback and will be relayed to the appropriate department.

      Secondly, let me reassure you that your CT 200h is more than capable of dealing with winter driving conditions. As we said in our reply to Tony above, we highly recommend investing in a set of winter tyres, which are designed to give additional levels of grip and to enhance stopping distances when the temperature drops below 7°C. This could make a great deal of difference if you live in a hilly area which can be more prone to ice and snow. Features such as the anti-lock braking system (ABS), traction control (TRC) and vehicle stability control (VSC) will also assist you in slippery conditions.

      Finally, here are a couple of tips from our technical department that will help your cold weather driving:
      – Engage B mode while going downhill to give the effect of being in a lower gear
      – Driving in ECO mode gives a reduced throttle response, which may help you retain traction. Pulling away in ECO therefore gives the effect of pulling away in second gear.

      I hope that’s helpful. Please don’t hesitate to get back in touch if you have any further questions.

  3. Hallo,ich habe eine Frage an Sie.Ich habe ein Lexus GS 450h.Es ist mir zu Schade,so ein schönes Auto im Witer zu fahren,deswegen habe ich das Auto abgemeldet.Das Auto steht schon seit 2 Monate in der Garage und 12V.Baterie ist leer,ganz leer,ich kann nicht mal Tür mit Fernbedienung aufschliessen.Das war Fehler von mir,ich musste ab und zu den Motor laufen lassen.Nun die Frage.Sagen Sie mir bitte,ist das schlimm?Ich meine mit der Hybridbatterie,wird die nicht kaputt gehen?wenn das Auto noch bis Frühling steht.Danke voraus.MfG.Mirsa!!!

    1. Hi Mirsa

      Sorry to hear about your battery troubles, we suggest you contact the Toyota Customer Relations team in the country you bought your vehicle in – to find them click here.

  4. Thanks for the update; it would have been great had you notified me of the update, but I can’t complain as I have the response.
    Let’s hope I don’t need it.
    Regards, David.

  5. I have just purchased a new CT200H F Sport with navigation system which I am collecting on 3rd March.
    Does the hard drive on the system allow me to download CD’s as on the premier model?

    1. Hi Ron

      Excited to hear about your purchase of the CT 200h F Sport, we’re a big fan of it. The Navigation Pack does come with an HDD but this is for the maps only and it’s not setup to download CD’s onto it. I hope that answers your question and thanks for getting in touch.

  6. I have had my CT200h for almost a year now and have been pleased with it apart from the mileage as I was expecting much higher when i first got it it did about 55 mpg and i thought this would increase as i got used to it. however it is now only doing 45 mpg average.please advise if this is the norm as the figures quoted in the leaflet was much higher

    1. Hi Margaret,
      Your drop in fuel consumption could be down to a number of factors. The lower temperatures mean the car has to work harder to get warm and therefore efficiency is compromised; the driving style, as outlined in this post, and the length of journey, is also worth considering. However, if you are concerned at the sudden drop in performance, it may be worth taking your CT 200h to your local Lexus Centre for a full investigation. To find your local Centre, visit

      1. thank you Ollie for getting back to me. I had wondered if the weather had anything to do with it but even at 55 mpg i didnt feel i was getting the published figures. i will shortly be taking it back for a service so will ask them again to check it out.

  7. At last some useful info on driving the 200h.I am currently managing to get 53mpg but I too was taken in by the claimed “69mpg”.I achieve 53mpg no natter how I drive and whether the car is loaded or not.Admittedly where I live does not allow for much EV driving so maybe in different conditions I can do better. If I engage ‘B’ does that automatically start the engine in order for it to act as a break ? If it doesn’t where does the brake effect come from? If the engine is used surely that’s using more fuel? Also, the book says the best mode to drive in is ‘Normal’here you advocate the use of ‘Eco’.Which is best?Thank you for the advice on winter driving, any more tips please?

  8. I have a Lexus CT200h and will not be using the caqr for the next 3 months .What is the best way to keep the battery condition good so that when I come back in March 13 I donot face any problems in starting the car.

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