Six reasons to drive a Lexus Hybrid

Driving a Lexus petrol-electric hybrid is the intelligent choice of a discerning driver, as the world-leading Lexus Hybrid Drive is a perfect complement to Lexus’ hallmarks of stand-out styling, advanced design and expert craftsmanship. Here are six reasons why a Lexus hybrid is the right choice for you.

Effortless to drive

Reasons to drive a Lexus hybrid

Driving a Lexus hybrid is effortless: climb in, push the start button and go. Our full hybrid technology works seamlessly to deliver a smooth and refined driving experience without you giving it a moment’s thought.

Get instant performance, efficiently

As our LC 500h proves, our intelligent hybrid performance combines a powerful petrol engine with an efficient electric motor – the best of both worlds with no compromises.

Low running costs

Greater fuel efficiency from a Lexus hybrid keeps day-to-day running costs low and our hybrid system lowers servicing costs too. Business users will love its lower company and personal (Benefit-in-Kind) tax liability, offering the potential to save thousands over three years.

Reasons to drive a Lexus Hybrid: lower pollution

Hybrid petrol-electric engine technology prioritises use of the system’s zero-emissions electric motor when travelling, especially in urban environments where pollution can be an issue.

It’s sophisticated and reliable

Even the energy created by slowing down in a Lexus hybrid is cleverly utilised by capturing it, and storing it in batteries as you drive. As a result, you’ll never worry about finding a recharging point, or whether you have enough power to complete your journey.

Reasons to drive a Lexus Hybrid: it’s one of your best assets

Reasons to drive a Lexus Hybrid: Lexus UX

A Lexus hybrid depreciates less than its traditional counterparts so your existing Lexus is worth more when you come to upgrade. It’s another way that driving a Lexus hybrid makes sense.

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