Lexus IS 300h promises low cost of ownership

You might think it a paradox that the beautifully designed all-new Lexus IS 300h with its advanced Lexus Hybrid Drive technology promises to be less expensive to run than its rivals. Independent calculations show that the savings in day-to-day running costs over three years’ ownership could run to thousands of pounds compared to rival saloons from other premium marques.

The IS 300h SE can achieve 65.7mpg combined cycle economy and CO2 emissions of 99g/km.

Although Lexus’s full hybrid system is renowned for its fuel efficiency and low emissions, it has other qualities that have a significant impact on the size of bills customers can expect.

Not only is it extremely hard-wearing and reliable, it has few parts that need regular maintenance and others that are designed to last the lifetime of the vehicle, such as the timing chain.

Owners will also appreciate the fact that even after 50,000 miles of driving the brake discs should still be in good shape. In that time only one set of replacement pads will probably have been needed.

That’s thanks to the hybrid system’s regenerative braking function, which looks after the initial braking effort before the pads and discs come into play. Tyres should also last considerably longer, due to the higher pressures used for hybrid vehicles.

These factors make for routine servicing, maintenance and repairs that are simpler, need fewer parts and are quicker to carry out.

All versions of the new IS 300h are rated at less than 110g/km for CO2 emissions, which means no road tax in the first year. The SE model, however, achieves 99g/km – a remarkable feat for a car that offers 220bhp – meaning an on-going zero charge, plus other personal and business tax benefits.

Likewise a business adding the hybrid Lexus to its fleet will appreciate the lower road tax, fuel, insurance and service, maintenance and repair costs.

Depreciation in value isn’t something you can see, but it has a major impact on the on-going cost of a vehicle, Here, again, the new IS 300h is set to perform strongly: specialist firm CAP predicts a best-in-class figure of 38 per cent for the hybrid Lexus over a three-year period, or 60,000 miles driven.

You can order the new IS 300h now, with customer deliveries due to start in mid-July.

*Final UK production specification and equipment may vary from these images


  1. When I bought a CT200h some time ago I was sent a copy of the CAP report. Is the 2014 IS300h report available as a copy?

    Regarding running costs, I have pre-ordered a IS300h F Sport, 3 questions..

    1) What is the BIK % for this model?
    2) What is the tax write down allowance against the purchase price?
    3) What insurance group will it be in?

    Hope you can answer, if not where and when will I find this information?


    1. Hello Rob,
      Thank you for your questions. Answers as follows:
      1. BIK% varies by year and model:

      CO2 13/14 14/15 15/16 16/17
      IS 300h SE 99g 11% 12% 14% 16%
      IS 300h Lux 103g 12% 13% 15% 17% (also Premier with 17″wheel option)
      IS 300h FSpt & Prem 109g 13% 14% 16% 18%

      2. WDA: All specs be written down at 18%
      3. Expect insurance group details to be confirmed towards the end of May.

      Do hope this helps, kind regards.

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