Lexus ES saloon reaches three million global sales

Lexus ES

The Lexus ES saloon has passed the milestone of three million global sales, 33 years on from launching the Lexus brand alongside the larger LS 400. While it has enjoyed enduring success, notably in North America, it is a more recent arrival in the UK and Western Europe, being introduced here in late 2018. 

The ES currently ranks as the second best-selling Lexus in the marque’s history, behind the RX luxury SUV which has so far amassed 3.6 million sales. Its popularity remains strong and in 2022 its 167,628 worldwide sales placed it second in the Lexus results table, behind the RX, which led with 178,234 units.  

In the UK and Europe, Lexus’s sales performance is dominated by its new generation of electrified SUVs, including the UX and all-new NX, RX and RZ – the latter being the company’s first purpose-designed pure electric model. The ES nonetheless commands consideration in the fleet market and across Europe was Lexus’s fourth best-selling model last year, with 4,895 sales – 1,185 of these in the UK. 

the ES has established itself as a core model in the E-premium segment, attracting private and business drivers alike. The model has been praised widely for its luxurious and spacious cabin, comfort, quietness, refined ride, and intuitive driving behaviour.  

The current, seventh-generation ES is built on Lexus’s GA-K global architecture platform, which gave designers the opportunity to explore saloon design with a ‘provocative elegance’ theme. The long wheelbase enables the wheels to be pushed close to the corners, with wider front and rear tracks, while the platform also allows for a low bonnet and sweeping coupe roofline.      

The ES 300h features a smooth and efficient fourth-generation, self-charging Lexus hybrid electric drive system. In other global markets, the ES is also available with a range of petrol engine options. 

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      This is not something we have any information on at the moment, but we will pass the suggestion along.

  1. These Lexus saloons look so much better than the SUVs. Any news on when Lexus will bring out an electric saloon/sedan?

    1. Hello Rob, thanks for your question.

      We currently have no information on this. Please keep an eye on our mag and social media channels for the latest product updates.


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