Predictive Efficient Drive raises fuel efficiency

Intelligent Predictive Efficient Drive: for better fuel efficiency - Lexus NX

Predictive Efficient Drive is a new technology from Lexus that helps improve the performance of its hybrid electric and plug-in hybrid electric systems, reducing fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. 

Lexus has established 18 years’ experience in bringing electrification to the premium car market and its UK range today is dominated by low-emission, fuel-efficient models that use advanced self-charging hybrid and plug-in hybrid systems. As well as delivering the well-established qualities of electrified vehicles, such as a smooth ride, refined and dynamic performance, reassuring reliability and low maintenance costs, Lexus goes further to help maximise the potential benefits to its customers – and to the wider world. 

Intelligent Predictive Efficient Drive: for better fuel efficiency - Lexus NX

How does it work?

With the help of the Lexus Link app, selected Lexus hybrid and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles with embedded navigation systems will be able to learn a driver’s regular routes and driving style, while simultaneously looking ahead via live traffic data to anticipate opportunities to save fuel. More economical driving is automatically and seamlessly achieved by optimising the charging and discharging of the battery on hybrid models, and the use of full-electric or hybrid modes on PHEV vehicles.  

Intelligent Predictive Efficient Drive: for better fuel efficiency - Lexus NX

Data in the navigation system helps Predictive Efficient Drive identify journey sections where sudden deceleration happens – locations where regenerative braking can automatically be increased to maximise energy recovery. During navigation, when traffic is detected on the route ahead, the system proactively charges the battery to reduce the need for the engine to be used in slow or stop-start traffic. Additionally, the technology analyses upcoming traffic and road conditions, such as up/downhill or urban/motorway sections, and seamlessly adjusts battery charging and discharging for lower fuel consumption.  

The smart system becomes increasingly effective the more it is used, so as the number of miles driven increases, so does the volume of data at its disposal; this is then used to make ever more efficient use of the vehicle’s electrified powertrain. 

Which Lexus models come with Predictive Efficient Drive technology?

Predictive Efficient Drive made its debut in the latest Lexus NX hybrid and plug-in hybrid models with embedded Lexus Link Pro navigation and is expected to be rolled out to other models in the future. 


  1. Will this be able to be applied retrospectively to other models such as the 22my ES300h via over the air tech?

    1. Hello Brian,
      Predictive Efficient Drive is expected to be rolled out to other models in the future.

      1. That reply didn’t answer the question. I have a 59 RX450H will that have this applied to it ?? Is it only for new models??

        1. Hello Chris, thanks for your question.

          We have no information on this at the moment.

          Currently, Predictive Efficient Drive is only available for the latest NX hybrid and plug-in hybrid.


      2. Hi Lexus, Thank you for the response but it doesnt answer my question which was “Will other models receive upgrades over the air via the app?”
        Kind regards

        1. Hello Brian,

          We currently have no information on which models this will be rolled out to in the future.


  2. I’ve had LS430 for a long time. I now Drive 2015 LS600H will this technology be applied to the LS500H. Plus the RX450HL also will you be fitting air suspension to the RX450HL And the other Suv’s to make the ride as smooth as the LS models.

    1. Hello John, thanks for your question.

      We currently have no information on either of these questions.

      Please keep an eye on our Lexus Mag and Social Media channels for the latest product updates.


  3. I’m driving an NX450h+ Takumi which I’ve had since May 2022 – yes, over a year!
    Is this technology available to me? I have the latest version of Lexus Link but I don’t seem to be able to send sat nav routes to it as implied by this article.
    Any advice appreciated.

    1. Hello Brian, thanks for your question.

      Predictive Efficient Drive is not available on this vehicle.


  4. As Brian asked, maybe for clarity, will it be downloadable to Lexus models that have left the showrooms?

    1. Hello Kevan, thanks for your question.

      The only Lexus models that Predictive Efficient Drive is available to are the latest Lexus NX hybrid and plug-in hybrid models.


    1. Hello Melanie, thanks for your question.

      We will make sure to pass your feedback on to our Connectivity Team.


  5. The thing that worries me about this is, the Lexus navigation system is one of the worst I have ever used. It is so bad that I plug my iPhone in and use Apple play instead. I am at a loss that a Japanese company that makes such fantastic quality cars can be so poor on this part of their car.
    In short Love the cars but hate the navigation system

    1. Hello William Cox,

      I am an advanced driver and own a silver Lexus GS 300h Executive Edition CVT . Lexy, with her beautiful beige interior still drives like a dream and whispers along in EV or power mode. I have never, ever regreted owning Lexy since she was first registerd on 28th August 2018.

      In 31,500 miles Lexy has never, ever let me down, in any form whatsoever. Moreover, on my annual round robin family trip to the Scottish Highlands then over the Yorkshire Moors to family in Yorkshire and then back home to Birmingham Lexy has never, ever put a foot wrong. Lexy will even returns an impessive 55-60 mpg even at sustained motorway speeds.

      With regards to my Lexus Navigation System I have absolute confidence in it and have never, ever had cause to complain. Indeed Lexy is co competent at finding her way that she will even find those address that others cannot..

    2. This was the first thought that went through my mind when I read the article – the Lexus navigation system needs drastic improvement before I would consider the Predictive Efficient Drive as an advantage. I use Google Maps for navigation as I find the Lexus system totally frustrating to use and for accuracy.

  6. c
    cant wait to see this vehicle in the flesh, having owned lexus sincer there arrival in the u/k look forward to getting this one

  7. Agree with William Cox, the navigation system is worse then useless. It gets totally confused and sends you in the complete opposite direction to where you want to go. I have only done 400 miles in my new Lexus and am thinking of going back to Mercedes.

  8. Hello, being aged 75 , the amount of tech seems Ott , some of the features are more gimmicky than necessary , take for example the paddles on my ES300h , when or if you could bundle the main parts to respond to voice commands. no issues simple just tell the car what to do , like the heating system , the radio , and navigation , for example.?

    1. The paddles are a gimmick and don’t work correctly, I have a ’21 RC300 F and find the car will change gear itself even in manual mode!

      1. Hello David, thanks for your comment.

        If you are experiencing an issue with your vehicle, we would recommend contacting your Lexus Centre.


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