Like a Lexus LFA… but tougher

It’s widely known that Jeremy Clarkson proclaimed the Lexus LFA as the best car he’s ever driven. But is it possible to improve on the appearance of our hypercar? We welcome your thoughts on this subject and would like to present Wayne Schneider’s car as a means of opening the debate.

To be honest, we never need an excuse to publish another post about the awesome Lexus LFA. So when we spotted this rare modified example on the website we knew we had to let all our LFA fans know about it, even if it had the potential to polarise opinion.

This awesome Lexus LFA – #209 of 500 – hails from the States and is presented in satin black with a contrasting tan leather interior. Owner Wayne Schneider has also seen fit to replace the original BBS-made wheels with a set of turbine-style Vossen Forged VPS-305T alloys, staggered from front to back in 9.5×20″ and 12×20″ sizes in an unusual bronze finish.

What do you think? Do the modifications this owner has applied enhance the car in your eyes? Why not let us know using the message facility below.

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  1. He has utterly ruined it. It looks trashy and tasteless, bad overall colour choice, unsympathetic after market rims, in awful colour, and cheap looking windscreen stickers. Has paid good money to turn a dream car into something, most people with taste would be embarrassed to be seen in.

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