Lexus NX alloy wheels

Created to stand out, the all-new Lexus NX is a new kind of Lexus. Designed to command attention, its striking angles and irresistibly bold looks bring ‘Amazing In Motion’ to the streets.

Along with the colour, one of the most distinctive ways to personalise your NX is the choice of wheels you decide to go with.

With the NX, there are four standard alloy wheels to choose from dependent on grade, with a further three styles available as options on all grades except S.

Here we guide you through the choices you can make. For the full range of Lexus NX specifications, visit the dedicated section of the Lexus website.

Standard wheels
17-inch alloy wheels
Available on the NX300h S grade, these lightweight and aerodynamic 10-spoke deep gloss wheels are equipped with 225/65 R17 tyres for low running resistance and excellent functionality.

Lexus NX 17-inch alloy wheels


18-inch alloy wheels for SE & Luxury models
These alloys benefit from an intricate U-shaped spoke design which creates a sharp and radical profile, while 225/60 R18 tyres complete the bold sports look.
Lexus NX 18-inch alloy wheels SE

18-inch alloy wheels for Premier models
This dramatically styled wide-spoke design gives your NX a feeling of sophisticated sportiness.

Lexus NX 18-inch alloy wheels Premier

18-inch F SPORT alloys
For an exciting new F SPORT look, these alloy wheels contrast black gloss highlights with machined spoke details.

Lexus NX 18-inch alloy wheels F SPORT



Optional wheels
18-inch alloy wheels
The black mirror chrome finish and high performance 10-spoke design create an unmistakable look of urban sophistication. Optional on all grades except S.

Lexus NX 18-inch alloy wheels


18-inch black machined (5 double spoke)
Sporty multi-spoke design in a gloss black finish with individual spokes machined to expose the underlying alloy. Optional on all grades except S.

Lexus NX 18-inch black machined alloy wheels


18-inch silver machined (5 double spoke)
A sports-inspired multi-spoke design highlighted by its reflective silver finish and machined face on alternating spokes.

Lexus NX 18-inch silver machined alloy wheels


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  1. Hi, There seems to be a problem with fitting snowchains to the wheels of the NX (manual says NO). Can you fit low profile snow chains? If not what are you meant to do in the aloes?

    Also can you fit proper winter tires with the snowflake mark etc that are legal in Europe during the winter as default tires will not cut it with the police in Europe.

    I’m interested in buying the a NX300h and this is a concern as drive in the aloes each year.

      1. Hi Andy,
        Thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately, snow chains cannot be fitted to those tyres. We do however, offer winter tyres which are legal in Europe.

  2. when you say snow chains do you also include low profile snow chains which are designed for this kind of problem?

    1. Hi Andy,
      Yes, unfortunately we cannot recommend any snow chains to be fitted to the wheels.

    1. Same problem here, Andy…my dealer checked with his tire rep (not Lexus) and he said “cable” chains (I assume that is what you mean by low profile), would be OK. Given what the OM says, I think its try at your own risk….agreed, I was completely shocked by OM statement!!

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