Lexus recalls some IS, GS and LS models to correct fuel delivery pipe issue

Lexus has announced a recall for some of its IS, GS and LS models to correct an issue with the fuel delivery pipe.

The recall affects 9,637 UK-registered cars, among a total of about 759,000 worldwide. The models affected are IS 250, IS 250 C, IS F, GS 300, GS 460, GS 450h, LS 600h, LS 600hL and LS 460, manufactured between January 2005 and September 2010. Lexus has identified the issue through its worldwide field report quality checks; there have been no reported accidents or injuries linked to the issue.

This recall has been announced at the same time as three other Toyota global recall programmes, none of which affects UK-registered vehicles. Lexus recalls are in line with the company’s core commitment to delivering the highest standards of safety and quality to its customers.

The issue
The issue concerns the fuel delivery pipe which feeds fuel to the engine’s fuel injectors. Lexus has found that some pipes may have been produced with particles of the plating on the surface of the gasket seating where the fuel pressure sensor is located. This may cause the gasket seating to degrade between the fuel pressure sensor and the fuel delivery pipe, creating the risk of a leak. The driver may be alerted to the problem by the smell of fuel while driving, or on leaving the vehicle.

The recall
Lexus is recalling the vehicles affected to check and replace the affected components as required.

Vehicle owners will be contacted by Lexus within the coming weeks by post or telephone and asked to make an appointment to bring their car to their nearest Lexus Centre, in accordance with Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) guidelines.

The work will take about three to four hours to complete and will be carried out free of charge.

Customers can check whether their vehicle is affected using a registration look-up function in the owners section of the main Lexus website (

If owners require additional information they can contact the Lexus Recall Helpline on 0800 1388744.


  1. I have had a fuel regulator recall done at Lexus Rayleigh Essex and since then my VSC and Traction/Engine light are constantly on.This came on 2 hrs after i picked my car up on a Saturday weekend.
    I tried calling them with the problem which obviously was not present when my car went in. I left several messages for them to call me and i feel so disgust that this company has not given my message and the seriousness of the issue any regard.

    I usually have my Lexus serviced at Hills of Woodford. I have had no issues with Hills by far Hills knows how to treat its Lexus customers fairly and in a nutshell is a cut about the rest especially Lexus Rayleigh( a dealer where integrity stands for nothing) I would not recommend any one there and at last resort if i could not get my car service at Hills I would rather have and independent do my repairs rather than giving my well earn cash to Rayleigh Lexus.

    To all Lexus Owners you should stay away from this dealer.I have since escalated my complaint to Lexus UK and the dealer principal.Also iI am filing for compensation as i am not able to use my car since this company put their spell on it.

    1. Hi Andy,
      We’re so sorry to hear you’re having problems. Do you have a case number from customer relations? If you could provide us with that we can take a look at the state of your case. Many thanks.

  2. My car ( 2014 IS300h ) has had this recall work done BUT the cabin interior now smells like the inside of a petrol tank.

    Do you believe that this is an acceptable way to treat a customers vehicle with the smell & the subsequent impregnating of the odour into clothing worn in the vehicle giving the impression that a garden maintenance operative has just arrived with a fresh gallon of fuel and their petrol lawn mower on the back seat of their pride & joy ?

    Apart from replacing the entire interior to remove the odour from leather and cloth panels how is this going to be redressed?

  3. I was first contacted by Lexus to inform me that my Lexus 300h was being recalled for a fuel pipe safety issue in late 2022. On consulting the Guildford branch I was assured that it was safe to wait until my Service was due on 27 January 2023. Unfortunately, the part was not available in January so I had to rebook again. Shortly before my next appointment on 8th June 2023 I was told the part was not available once again and rebooked for 12 July 2023. Today when my car was due to be picked up for collection and no one turned up. Upon calling the garage I was told the reason was due to the part not being available once again. Very disappointing that there was no phone call advising me of this but the I am now told by Guildford Lexus that they cannot tell me when the part will arrive and therefore cannot rebook me. As this is a safety issue with the fuel pipe how long is acceptable to wait for something like this to be resolved. Perhaps Chris Hayes Director of Lexus in the U.K. can comment please?

    1. Hell Marc, thanks for contacting us.

      We are sorry to hear of your disappointment and apologise for the service you have received so far.

      To best assist you, please can you provide your vehicle registration?


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