Lexus NX colours: which one suits you?

With order books for the all-new Lexus NX 300h now well and truly open, what better time to imagine which colour of SUV would suit you best?

The striking new compact luxury crossover is available with a choice of nine inspiring colour options.

As you would expect with a Lexus, great care is taken by expert craftsmen and women when each NX is painted.

Paint shop employees go through two vacuum chambers to remove particles from their special suits and hair. A water screen – nicknamed Niagara – reduces dust even further.

Gleaming paintwork is produced by hand-sanding each foundation coat (a time-consuming process normally reserved for coach-built cars).

The only hard job left is to decide which one catches your eye most. Find out more about the car in the dedicated section of the Lexus website.

Lexus NX Sonic White

Lexus NX colours Sonic White


Lexus NX Mesa Red

Lexus NX colours Mesa Red


Lexus NX Mercury Grey

Lexus NX colours Mercury Grey


Lexus NX Satin Silver

Lexus NX colours Satin Silver


Lexus NX Sonic Titanium

Lexus NX colours Sonic Titanium


Lexus NX Velvet Black

Lexus NX colours Velvet Black


Lexus NX Ultra Blue

Lexus NX colours Ultrasonic Blue


Lexus NX Celestial Black

Lexus NX colours Celestial Black


Lexus NX Meteor Blue

Lexus NX colours Meteor Blue
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  1. My neighbour took delivery today of his new NX Premier in Sonic Titanium and very smart it is too. It was ready for collection from Thursday but decided to wait a couple of days. I’m guessing he has possibly one of the first ones on the road anywhere in the UK?

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