Searching for the UK’s oldest Lexus IS 200

As part of our celebrations surrounding the 25th anniversary of Lexus in the UK, we are initiating a countrywide hunt for the oldest UK-specification Lexus IS 200. And we would like to enlist your help!

The right car at the right time

Such was the draw of a new small Lexus that over 1,100 orders were taken for the forthcoming IS 200 model before it even launched in the UK. This meant that potential customers hoping to buy a new IS 200 on the car’s official on-sale date of 20th May 1999 were forced to add their names to a rapidly growing waiting list.

Fortunately, all orders were fulfilled quickly and the IS 200 immediately became the best-selling Lexus within the range, constituting a phenomenal 82 per cent of all customer sales within the first three months. By the end of 1999 almost 5,000 examples had been sold and the upward trajectory showed no signs of slowing.

UK's oldest Lexus IS 200

How many Lexus IS 200s are on the road?

Thanks to the manufacturer’s obsessive commitment to quality, durability and reliability, a significant proportion of these early Lexus IS 200s are still on the road providing faithful – and enjoyable – service to their owners. It is not possible to gauge how many of the earliest cars are still in regular use but DVLA records show that over 23,000 examples from the car’s six-year production run are still licensed for the road.

How can I tell if my IS 200 is a potential candidate for the UK’s oldest?

The easiest way to immediately gauge the age of your car is by its number plate. In this instance, it would need to wear a T-plate registration (not applicable with private number plates). We are also looking for a car with a first registration date as close to the 20th May 1999 as possible – this information can be found on the log book. And if you were one of those 1,100 customers that placed an early order for a car that you still own, then we definitely want to hear from you!

How can I get in touch with Lexus about this search for the oldest IS 200?

If you own or know of a 1999 Lexus IS 200 with a T-plate registration, please contact us via this blog (use the comment box below) or our Facebook page.

UK's oldest Lexus IS 200 1999



    1. Hi there,

      Thanks for getting in touch and sharing this with us. It’s amazing to hear you still own it, as it does appears you have one of the oldest IS Sport models. Taking a look at our old sales reports, only 10 IS Sport models were sold before May 1999 and your model will have been one of 75 sold that month.

      Hope this helps.


  1. I purchased the Lexus IS200 T-reg, and I’m still the current owner as the car is still in use and still drives beautifully.

    1. Hi Adam,

      Thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately, that’s not the oldest, but we think it’s pretty close.

      We wish you many more happy miles.


      1. Hi I have a T reg( June 99) IS 200 Sport got it sorted to get back on the road after 9 years, due to starting a business. Couldn’t bring myself to sell it each time I drove it I wanted to keep it.,but the night after cleaning it ready for first day out(31/3/20) I had a stroke and I can’t drive a manual car anymore. Wish I still could loved driving it

  2. Hi,
    I’m still driving the IS200 my father ordered from Japan in 1999.
    Let me know if you want more details.
    All the best

      1. T467 VNU,
        I may need to sell it soon. Just passed its MOT and full service with no issues. Breaks my heart to let it go. Is there an enthusiast out there that would like to make me an offer? Its got 68,000 on the clock.

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