Lexus LFA seeks ‘Shere’ thrills in the Surrey Hills

Lexus UK is joining forces with parent company Toyota to raise money for local charities in the second annual Shere Hill Climb on 7th September 2014.

Last year, 125 classic cars took on the challenging 300ft ascent to the top of the Surrey Hills, near Guildford, for the inaugural Shere Hill Climb. The line-up represented a broad spectrum of motoring, from the earliest days of motoring to a handful of modern supercar exotica. It was a charity drive that not only drew over 2,000 spectators but raised £10,000 for the local Shere Infant School, which used the money to totally renew its outdated IT department.

Lexus and Toyota have taken that desire for a broad cross-section very much to heart for the event on 7th September 2014. They have signed up a pair of cars that span over 45 years of manufacturing, from the sublime 1966 Toyota Corona, the first Toyota to be imported into the UK, to the ridiculous (but in the nicest possible way) Lexus LFA, the technological tour de force that has inspired a new generation of F-badged sports models, such as the new RC F. No prizes will be given for guessing which car will arrive at the summit first!

Similarly, as this motorsport event is not timed, outright speed will take second place to the combined spectacle of stunning visuals, spine-tingling noise and rubber-destroying launches. No doubt there will be plenty of competition among entrants eager to receive the loudest cheers from the crowd. So why not be there to enjoy the sights and sounds and support a number of worthy local charities?

More information about the event can be found be clicking the following link to the official website.

1966 Corona


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