New Lexus ES is one of the safest cars ever tested by Euro NCAP

The all-new Lexus ES has excelled in Euro NCAP safety testing, achieving a maximum five-star rating with an average score of 86.25 – one of the highest the organisation has recorded for any car under its more stringent 2018 assessment criteria.

The new ES benefits from the latest version of Lexus Safety System+, an advanced package of active safety technologies that will be featured as standard on all versions of the car sold in the UK. The development of Lexus Safety System+ demonstrates the brand’s commitment to ensuring the benefits of advanced safety technologies are not limited to high-end, high-specification models but are made available across the board.

The new ES also has impressive passive safety provisions, underpinned by the quality of its ultra-rigid new GA-K (Global Architecture-K) platform. In the cabin, occupants are protected by an array of ten airbags.

The further development of Lexus Safety System+ has added new capabilities and increased the range of driving scenarios in which it can provide extra protection and help prevent an accident from happening. The new features include daytime cyclist and night-time pedestrian detection as part of the comprehensive Pre-Collision System. Lexus Co-Drive combines Dynamic Radar Cruise Control and Lane Tracing Assist to give the driver automated driving support to SAE Level 2 (as defined by the Society of Automotive Engineers) – aimed at enhancing safety while the driver remains in control of the vehicle.

The all-new Lexus ES will make its debut in the UK exclusively as a self-charging hybrid model. Orders are now being accepted for the ES 300h, with first customer deliveries expected from January 2019.

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  1. Hi Everyone, I have test drive the all new ES250. And I can say is one of the most comfort, good handling and styling car you must have. Is well balance in all area. 👍🏻

    1. Hi Derek
      Did you get to try it after dark ?
      Do the adaptive lights leave you in the dark until you reach 41mph on unlit country roads?

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