One careful owner: IS-F CCS-P racer for sale in Japan

With production of the LFA ending late in 2012, this Approved Pre-Owned IS F could well be the hottest Lexus on sale right now.

To give it its full title, it’s an IS F CCS-P, and in addition to the 5.0-litre V8 engine at the heart of the IS F, features a Stage 3 Circuit Club Sports Parts package that includes a host of upgrades, including:

Carbon fiber bonnet, front spoiler, rear diffuser & rear wing

Two-way adjustable damping suspension kit

Handbuilt limited-slip differential (LSD)

Titanium exhaust muffler

19-inch Magnesium wheels

The Lexus Sumiyoshi-Yamate dealership in Japan has listed the ‘CCS Orange’ car for 9.42 million yen, which equals about £62,000 – not bad for an all-out racer with 5.6 million yen (£37,000) worth of upgrades and only 3,000km on the clock.

The car features many of the same modifications used on the IS F CCS-R, which Ken Gushi took to a second-in-class finish at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb last year.

Find out more about the new Lexus IS here.


Thanks to Lexus Enthusiast for the tip.

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