How to update maps on your Lexus Premium Navigation System

The Lexus Premium Navigation system can be updated periodically using downloadable updates, ensuring that you always have the latest road and route information in your Lexus, saving you time and money, and minimising stress when journeying to a new destination.

Updating the maps is a simple process using an update from Lexus supplied on a MicroSD card. To check if your Lexus vehicle uses a MicroSD card update, look for a MicroSD slot beneath the audio control panel in the centre console.

To find out how to purchase and install the map update to your Lexus, simply watch the video below or read on for a step-by-step guide.

How to update maps on your Lexus Premium Navigation System

  1. Begin by making sure your vehicle is completely turned off, and then remove the current MicroSD card from the slot in the centre console. Simply press it in to eject it from the slot.
  2. Using a web browser on a computer or tablet, navigate to the Lexus customer portal and sign in. If you don’t already have an account, you can register at this point.
  3. Once signed-in, select ‘Additional Services’, and click on ‘Get the latest map updates for your navigation unit’. You will be redirected to the Lexus Map Updates website.
  4. Click on ‘Get a Map’, select your vehicle model from the drop-down list, and select your current navigation system.
  5. In the box beneath, enter the last five digits from the MicroSD card your removed in step one. Click ‘Next’ to add the latest update to your basket.
  6. Complete the checkout process with your delivery details and make payment using a credit card or via PayPal. Once the order is complete, an updated MicroSD card will be sent directly to you in the post.
  7. When you receive the new MicroSD card, installation is simple – with the vehicle completely switched off, replace the current MicroSD card in your Lexus with the new one.
  8. When you next start your car, the Premium Navigation system will recognise the new card and automatically update the map information.

If you need any help along the way, don’t hesitate to call or pop into your local Lexus centre where a fully trained technician will be happy to help.

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  1. Hi.
    can you tell me please if I purchase the update to the navigation on my Lexus is250 SE-L 2009 year car will it have full post code as the present one is only 4 parts off the post code and is useless especially finding certain places.

    1. Hi Michael,
      Thank you for getting in touch. We are in talks with our Multimedia team at the moment and we’ll get back to you as soon as we’ve heard from them.

  2. Hi

    The mylexus UK portal doesn’t have an option to update the maps or nav

    How can I update my 2015 rc-f?

    1. Hi,
      Thanks for getting in touch.
      Please visit your local Lexus Centre as they will be able to update your maps for you.
      Currently, all updates have to be done at a Lexus Centre.
      If you need assistance locating your nearest Centre, please click on the following link:
      We hope this helps.

  3. The GPS on the 2020 NX300 is terrible. It always takes me the long way and when I took a different street, it wouldn’t reroute. And whoever heard of a GPS not telling you what side of the street your final destination is on. I paid too much for this navigational system for the GPS to be so bad.

    1. Hi there,

      Thanks for getting in touch. We are sorry to hear you aren’t happy with your new NX. We would recommend contacting Lexus in your region for further help with this.


    1. Hi Shan,

      Sorry to hear this. Can you explain the issue with the satellite navigation system please?


  4. Hello. 2017 Lexus NX300h Could you tell me please, where is the usb portal on my nav unit?

    1. Hello Anthony,
      Thanks for getting in touch with us.
      On a UK specification 2017 NX, the USB port is located under the cover in the centre console.
      However, this is on a UK specification vehicle, and if you require further assistance, please contact Lexus in your region.

  5. Hi I have a es300h Lexus 2019 this is my 3rd Lexus and it’s the worst navigation system I’ve used in my life
    It’s that poor I use my phone instead
    Already been in for update but it’s hopeless to work and can’t even recognise uk postcodes
    How can I get it updated to apple or android system
    It’s driving me crazy

    1. Hi Gordon,

      Thanks for getting in touch, and sorry to hear you are disappointed with your vehicle.

      Your nearest Lexus centre can install the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.


  6. Hello Lexus UK,

    I am planning to emigrate to the UK from HK and according ship my Lexus IS250C, in 2011. I wonder if the navigation system could be updated into the UK version and wonder how much it will cost.
    Many thanks.

    1. Hello Leo,
      Thanks for your comment.
      We would recommend contacting your Lexus Centre to see what options are available.

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