LIVE – Lexus at the 2015 Geneva motor show

Our team from the Lexus Blog has been reporting from the Geneva motor show, supplying the latest news, announcements and pictures from the show floor.

Scroll down through this post to catch up on the news on the day that the Lexus LF-SA was revealed, and there were European debuts for the Lexus GS F and the LF-C2. Let us know what you think about the cars in the comments section below or get in touch with us on Twitter or Facebook.

17.03 It’s all about the details. Look at those wheels!

Lexus LF-SA wheels

16:36: We’ve now been inside the LF-SA – and it looks just as amazing from the driver’s seat as it does from the outside.

Have a look at the full gallery of LF-SA photographs here: Lexus LF-SA concept car revealed

15:25 There are not just stunning concept cars on the Lexus stand, but there are amazing production cars too. The Lexus GS F makes its European debut in Geneva.
You can find out more details here: Lexus GS F makes European debut

Lexus GS F

14:20 On the Lexus stand is “The RC F Experience”, a thrilling virtual ride in a Lexus RC F around a race track. Strap on an Oculus Rift headset and a pair of headphones and ride shotgun as a professional driver takes you at full pelt.

If you’re not a great passenger, don’t worry – you can choose between a smooth, fast trip or an aggressive, drift-filled slide-fest. If you miss the show, fear not – in a few days Lexus is releasing an app that recreates the experience on your phone.

Lexus Oculus Rift

12:27 Take a look through gallery of the Lexus LF-SA and let us know what you think of the car – either in the comments section below or on Twitter or Facebook.
12:12: There’s another Lexus concept car on the stand at Geneva – the LF-C2. It is making its European debut, after being revealed at the LA Auto show last year.
Read more here: Lexus LF-C2 stars at Geneva motor show 2015

11:30 Well here it is – the Lexus LF-SA has been revealed! To celebrate its 25th anniversary, Lexus challenged ED2, its European design studio, to create a concept of an ultra-compact (sub-B-segment) urban 2+2 model.
Read the full story here: Lexus LF-SA concept car revealed

Lexus LF-SA

9:00 First pictures from the show floor are now in… As well as offering a chance to look at the new car’s listed below, today’s event also offers a chance to catch up with the very latest developments from elsewhere in the Lexus line up, including the  latest in in-car entertainment technology.

Also making debuts are the new 471bhp Lexus GS F and stylish Lexus LF-C2 concept car, which first appeared at the Los Angeles Motor Show in 2014.

07:40 Good morning from Geneva! It’s gearing up to be an exciting day. The Lexus press conference is scheduled to start at 11.30 UK time. Have a look at what we’re expecting to see in the stories below.

Lexus LF-SA

Lexus LF-SA teaser 2015 Geneva

The Lexus LF-SA concept, to be revealed during the Lexus press conference on 3 March at 11.30 UK time, signals an exploration of unexpected territories for the premium brand, reflecting new design trends to create a luxurious, driver-focused vehicle. Whet your whistle by reading the post below, and make sure you are here on Tuesday for the first images of this exciting new concept.

Lexus GS F

Lexus GS F front three-quarter view

The Lexus GS F takes the refined GS four-door saloon and turns up the performance quotient with a potent normally-aspirated 5.0-litre V8 engine, earning it the coveted ‘F’ designation. Initially revealed to the world at the Detroit show in January, the 2015 Geneva Motor Show is the first opportunity for European Lexus buyers to see the new GS F in the metal. Discover more about the GS F in the posts below.

Lexus LF-C2


Also making its European debut at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show is the LF-C2 concept, originally unveiled at the LA Auto Show in 2014. This stylish 2+2 roadster concept explores new styling themes that will become part of a new styling language for the Lexus brand in the future – it’s a beauty on the screen, and one that will be better in person. We’ll bring you the latest images from the show, but you can read more about the LF-C2 in the posts below.

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  1. Sadly, this latest ugly batch support my decision not to buy Lexus again. That is after nearly ten years of very satisfying motoring with new RX top of the range vehicles.
    The appalling ‘gawp’ of a front grille and no significant mains recharging facility, on an otherwise superb hybrid, are the kiss of death for me!

    1. Thanks for your post Cliff
      Sorry you do not like the latest models. Car design can polarise opinion, this is becoming a significant USP of the Lexus brand (that and hybrid of course) and the spindle grille is a distinct design feature. Thanks for your feedback though about the lack of a Plug-in hybrid in the Lexus range, we will pass this back to the product team. Good to hear about your experience of RX ownership, very little we can do if someone does not like the design other than perhaps give us the benefit of the doubt and view the cars in the metal at your local Lexus dealer.

      1. David, perhaps I can add a few facts?
        I did visit a showroom prior to buying my new RX Premier. The ‘ugly’ grille was there too, side by side……. no competition!
        Incidentally, this grille is NOT spindle shaped……. quite the opposite (a spindle is thickest in the middle and tapers towards each end). It is actually ‘pulley’ shaped

        I also went last month, with cash in hand, to add an NX to our Lexus collection….. we have a 250C as well as the RX…….. but the pulley grille made that a loser too.

        As for plug-in charging, I wrote to Lexus twice some four years ago about this failing. They did not respond. Arrogance?

        Mitsubishi is offering the feature and that is a very fair SUV option to what has become an out dated Lexus offering.

        Maybe Lexus should be keeping its technology up to date, rather than trying to out do Audi on rather silly aggressive front grilles?

        I know from experience that Lexus can do so much better and, as I said earlier, I depart with sadness.

        1. Hi Cliff. Thanks for your reply. Looks are subjective so we can understand if you are not a fan of the grille design. Today, we do not offer a diesel option and we are the only premium manufacturer in the UK to offer a full hybrid SUV, so on this occasion we wouldn’t agree with your statement that suggests our products are outdated. Thanks for your support over the years and we wish you many happy EV miles in your Mitsubishi. All the best.

    1. Hi Mark
      Thanks for your post.
      The LF-SA is a design study by Lexus exploring new directions unexpected for the brand. There is no news about whether this car will go into production for example. However we do value feedback such as this as market reaction to concept car is important, it can be instrumental on whether a car manufacturer decides to go ahead with a new product. We will be sure to put any news or updates about this car on our Blog.

  2. I have had several Hybrid cars from Lexus and am just changing my RX 440h for a Mitsubishi PHEV plug in because you are very late into or just not interested in the plug in market. Another lost customer.

    1. Thank you for your post Mike.
      We appreciate your feedback and are sorry to see you go. Although we do not have a vehicle on the market, Plug-in vehicles are of interest to us as we believe that they provide the next step from hybrid technology. We do not have any news regarding future product news but will bring this to the attention of the product team. We would hope to see you back one day.

    1. Hi Az. Thanks for your comment and your interest in the RX. Unfortunately, we cannot comment on potential future models. Please stay tuned to our blog for the latest news and information. Thanks.

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