First details of new NX 200t turbo engine

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The forthcoming Lexus NX 200t premium SUV crossover will be the first recipient of the manufacturer’s brand-new 2.0-litre turbo engine (known internally by the code 8AR-FTS) when it is introduced to the range in March 2015.

This exciting new engine was revealed at the recent Beijing Motor Show, so we thought we’d share the details on its development and construction.

The 1,998cc four-cylinder 8AR-FTS was subjected to more than one million kilometres of rigorous testing during its development. It features the world-first combination of a cylinder head with an integrated water-cooled exhaust manifold and twin-scroll turbocharger.

In addition to other new technologies such as turbo-specific direct-injection (D-4ST) and continuously variable valve timing with expanded valve opening angles (thankfully shortened to VVT-iW), the engine is able to deliver both excellent responsiveness and environmental performance. Power is rated at 238PS and 258 lb/ft torque is available from 1,650-4,000rpm.

Mated to an all-new six-speed automatic gearbox that was developed alongside the engine as its perfect partner, the transmission uses a new control logic programme that ‘asks’ the engine to deliver the required amount of torque at any particular time. This two-way flow of information between the engine and gearbox ensures responsive and smooth acceleration as well as high fuel efficiency.

In addition, NX 200t will be the first Lexus to be fitted with an idling-stop system to reduce fuel consumption by automatically switching off the engine when the vehicle is idling. The system employed in NX has an extremely fast engine restart time.

Discover more about the development of the NX 200t’s turbocharged engine, as well as the hybrid engine that will power the NX 300h, from the engineers that led the project:

Build your NX 300h here. If you would like to arrange a test drive, leave a comment below and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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  1. My wife has just taken delivery of her NX300h. It is excellent. Fuel consumption is not as good as I expected (yet). But in all other respects cannot fault it. Great to look at, great ride. A wonderful car. Matched by the dealer service as well I have to say, (Richard at Lexus Coventry)

    Anyway that’s not my only reason for writing; I know the NX200t version is going to be available in March 2015 and my dealer has promised to call me for a test drive as soon as it arrives. By then we will have had our NX300h for at least 4 months so I will be able to enjoy a direct back to back comparison of the hybrid v turbo engines in the same model.

    Now, based on very good (speculative) write-ups on Torquenews website about the Turbo coming to the IS model and knowing that IS200t (that’s IS200t) has been trademarked by Lexus, I wonder if you are able to reveal an approximation of when this model is likely to be available in the UK? Torquenews are speculating optimistically late 2015, but maybe 2016. I suspect it might be too soon for you to reveal anything but I can keep a secret. I ask because I am personally really excited by the possibility of this model as I think it would be my perfect car. I had an IS250 Advance before my current IS300h F Sport. You can see my reason for wanting to test the NX200t, so I can eagerly await the IS200t.

    I hope you can satisfy my desires although it’s probably going to be a long wait. (I will be extremely disappointed if it doesn’t happen, or worse still we don’t get it in the UK).

    1. Hi Bob
      Thanks for your post. Great to hear your feedback about your new NX 300h and your interest in the forthcoming NX 200t.
      Fuel consumption can improve as the engine beds in. Turning to future product, as much as we would like to help confirm, the honest answer is we do not know at this stage. We have not made any official statement regarding forthcoming product so this is speculation at present. Stay tuned to our Blog though because we make sure we publish the very latest news here.
      We hope that you are enjoying driving your IS 300h F Sport but if you do have any further questions please let us know.

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