Who is the ballet dancer in the Lexus IS advert?

We’re often asked: “Who is the ballerina in the Lexus IS advert?” – so we felt it only right to share.

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The lady behind the spectacular pirouettes, fouettes and displays of strength and precise control is Tamara Rojo, the creative director and lead principal ballerina of the English National Ballet.

Rojo has received some of the highest honours for services to the arts in her native Spain as well as a string of critics’ awards in the UK during her time at the ENO and the Scottish National Ballet, making her the perfect illustration the Poise advert’s tagline: ‘A stronger body for greater control’.

Read on for her explanation of her process, work ethic and where ballet fits in to the cultural landscape, taken from our exclusive behind-the-scenes interview.

“Ballet is essentially a language that is about emotions,” she says. “It is, for me, the best language to express emotions in the rawest sense, and is a language that has no barriers; that anyone can understand, from any country and from any background.

“I think the world of ballet is a very fair world, because you achieve things best on your merits. It is much less political than any other world and if you put hard work and intelligence into it, you can achieve stardom.

“Because it is a profession that is based on your own body, as your body changes you have to continue to study to understand how to work with this constantly-changing tool. It’s almost like if a violinist would have to work with a violin that will change constantly.

“I’ve had quite a lot of pain throughout my career, mainly because I wasn’t physically that gifted, so I had to push my own body beyond its own limitations. In one occassion I danced with a burst appendix – I wish I hadn’t done it, I paid a very high price for it, but the one thing you can take away from injuries is that they are an opportunity to reassess yourself.

“Most of the time, I feel slightly disappointed with a performance. Sometimes, really rarely you just do something strange, something that is not about doing the steps better or is not about even you, it’s about some kind of release that you suddenly connect completely with the audience, and you know they are with you on stage every step of the way.

“I have always questioned things, it’s my nature to question everything but I am more convinced than ever that arts and culture are essential to human beings – they are what defines us. I feel that going to the ballet is an opportunity to see yourself in a different mirror and give a clarity about your own feelings and about your own future.”

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  1. Excellent advert well thought through and executed by all involved. You know something has had an impact when you take time out to find out more about the making of it and who was involved. I watched Tamara’s documentary recently about Good Swan, Bad Swan and she is truly compelling.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Gill – glad you enjoyed the ad. We totally agree – Tamara is really compelling both on and off the boards. What an inspiration!

  2. What incredible poise and control, am mesmerised every time I see it. Fantastic dancer !!!!!!!!

  3. What a shame there are no prints to buy, they are stunning images, a good idea for a fund raiser/charity?

    1. Thanks for your feedback Trudy. Sorry that prints are not available but we will pass this back to the marketing team for consideration in the future.

  4. A beautiful and elegant dancer and whoever put the music and the add together was extremely clever. It’s a pity they don’t show the whole dance routine she is amazing.

  5. This lady is utterly incredible. If you wanted to create an advert that demonstrates elegance, power and outstanding control you could not, on this planet, have chosen anyone better.

    1. Hi Bill
      Thanks for your post and thanks for your feedback regarding the Lexus IS advertisement which is appreciated. The dancer is called Tamara Rojo and you can find out more information about her on our Lexus Blog. Here is a link to an interview about her work. https://mag.lexus.co.uk/2013/06/new-is-strength-in-motion-with-tamara-rojo/#.U5HZM_mwJ4c
      We have also just found out she will be on BBC Desert Island discs this Sunday if you fancy listening in.
      Hope this helps.

  6. Very interested in your advert beautiful dancers would very much draw them from life I do a lot and from life only please let me know if this would be possible many thanks .
    Claudine mitaty

    1. Hello Claudine.
      Thanks for your post and for your interest in Lexus. If you would like to draw the dancer in the advert, her name is Tamara Rojo so you would need to contact her directly.
      Hope this helps.

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