The Lexus New GS – Dynamic Handling System

The all-new Lexus GS is breaking records in Japan – more than 6,000 have already been ordered ahead of the car’s launch, which takes place over there this month.

And no wonder… Our recent posts show how the premium sound package by Mark Levinson, and the 1,000,000 miles driven by our engineers help ensure the very best performance, ride and durability.

Today we wanted to tell you about another GS world first. Lexus Dynamic Handling (LDH) technology offers drivers unrivalled driving ‘feel’ and confidence with an integrated four-wheel steering system. Available on the Lexus GS450h F Sport it’s the first time four wheel steering has been integrated with Hybrid drive.

The advanced chassis system also offers Lexus’ first integration of Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS); Dynamic Rear Steering (DRS); Variable Gear Ratio Steering (VGRS); and the latest generation of Lexus’ unique Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management (VDIM) system. The technology helps coordinate every aspect of front and rear wheel control and provide agile, sharp handling.

For a full explanation and to see it in action watch the video below:

In the new GS lineup, LDH is available on the F Sport package that embodies the ultimate in dynamic performance.


    1. It is a shame that the Dynamic Handling System with Dynamic Rear Steering will NOT even be an option on the new GS 450h Premier (which i am going to order soon), as I would like that in a car, but I would not go for the F-Sport model (not a boy racer lol). I also note that you don’t even get any fog lights on the F-Sport models, which is strange these days as sub £10k cars have fog lamps.

      1. I have ordered a 450h F Sport, not because I am a boy racer but I prefer the front grill without the fog lamps, and lets face it when in the last year have you ever had to use fog lights anyway. I also love the red leather interior witch you can only get in the F Sport

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