What does takumi craftsmanship mean to Lexus?

Within each Lexus production facility, there is no greater honour than to be called a takumi. Yet equally, there is no greater responsibility.

In Japan, the word takumi refers to a craftsperson who is unrivalled in their particular field of expertise. It is applied to artisans who have been honing their senses and level of skill over a period of at least 25 years.

Lexus takumi

Each takumi master is positioned as a team leader, instructor, talent scout and quality control auditor. Each focuses on a particular element of the process, where it becomes their passion and obsession. Together they ensure that no vehicle passes to the next build stage or leaves the factory until it has been meticulously checked and approved. There are no shortcuts built into this process.

Lexus Takumi

These highly skilled takumi therefore play a key role in delivering the unrivalled quality present in every Lexus vehicle. They are the guardians of our artisan philosophy. They are the craftspeople that have the responsibility of applying the most subtle and finely tuned human senses to the production process: sight that can see marks invisible to the untrained eye, hearing that can tune an engine with surgical precision, and touch that can detect imperfections of a fraction of a millimetre.

Lexus Takumi

The practice of ‘guerilla testing’ – hiding imperfections to test the team – is just one of the ways that Lexus craftspeople constantly test and train their sensory skills.

There is only one route to such superior craftsmanship: time. Most of the renowned skills of each takumi predate the digital age and yet while Lexus is committed to ensuring that this expertise is passed on to the next generation of craftspeople, many of the automated functions within each production facility have been programmed with takumi-like skills. Our technology learns from and is nurtured by the finest craftspeople, the end result being automation with artisanal flair.

We also recognise that technological innovation drives Lexus craft to new levels, powering original techniques and making use of unconventional materials where possible.

In that respect, Lexus recognises that partnering with artisans from other fields is integral to our overall commitment to excellence. We actively seek collaborations with people who inspire us with their time-honed skills and creativity. These collaborations have resulted in unique aesthetic touches to delight the customer, such as the kiriko glass ornamentation of the Lexus LS and the laser-etched wood veneers of the Lexus RX.

Kiriko Glass

And this brings us back to you, the Lexus owner, the ultimate beneficiary of the skills and attention to detail of each takumi master. So we could similarly ask: What does takumi craftsmanship mean to you as a Lexus driver? We would be delighted to hear your comments via the contact box below.

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  1. Just purchased a Lexus RX 450h Tukami. which will be delivered next week. We were so impressed with a days test drive that we had to have. one. Apart from the obvious quality of the vehicle we are so impressed by the reliability of the cars and the fact that Lexus has so much confidence in their cars that are willing to offer a long warranty. Perfection to us means everything. They offer such value too. Our current car is a Range Rover Sport Autobiography cost new £100,000. The RX Takumi cost £68,000 on the road, has more equipment and has far better reliability.

    1. Hi John,

      Congratulations on your new car, and welcome to Lexus. We really appreciate you sharing such great feedback with us, and we hope you enjoy many miles in your RX 450h.

      Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions about your vehicle. We are here to help with anything we can.


  2. Dear Lexus UK,

    I am waiting with excitement to test drive the new RX 450h+ 2023 Takumi, which I hope arrives in our UK dealerships soon.

    I had a look at the grade line up specs, but unfortunately, I can’t find the heating steering anywhere. Can you please confirm which grades get heated steering? Also, whether it comes as standard on Takumi?

    Many thanks.

    1. Hello Dorian, thanks for your interest in the RX.

      None of the grades of the RX 450h+ have heated steering wheels.

      We hope you enjoy your test drive.

      Many thanks.

  3. Dear Lexus UK,

    Thank you for your prompt reply.

    It is very sad to hear that the new RX Takumi (and other grades) does not include such a winter necessity, especially with our UK cold winters. Given all RX closest competitors do (Volvo XC90, Mercedes GLE, BMW X5, to mention just a few), do you think you can pass on this message to the product team, if they would reconsider it?

    I guess until then, you could recommend to your RX biggest fans to keep a pair of winter gloves at hand 🙂

    Thank you.

    1. Hello Dorian, thanks for your feedback.

      We will pass this on to our Product Team.

      The RX has heated front seats and the RX Takumi has heated back seats as well. This should provide warmth, as well as the heating system.

      Many thanks.

    1. Hello Ajay,
      Thanks for your question.
      Takumi is most commonly the top grade on our vehicle offerings, meaning a Takumi Grade car will come with additional features to other grades.
      We hope this helps.

    1. Hello Ajay,
      The IS isn’t available to buy new anymore.
      Are you currently in the market for a new vehicle?

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