Strong Lexus sales set to continue with arrival of all-new NX 300h

Keen customers are wasting no time making sure they secure the keys to the NX 300h – Lexus’s hyper-stylish new luxury hybrid crossover. With more than 800 advance orders already taken, the model promises to add further momentum to Lexus’s excellent sales growth, revealed in figures released today by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders.

Lexus’s showroom performance is ahead by more than 22 per cent so far this year compared to the same period in 2013 and this is only set to grow, as the NX is expected to account for one in three Lexus models sold in the UK.

Meanwhile, the first nine months of the year have seen total IS sales (the hybrid IS 300h and V6 petrol-powered IS 250) increase by 155 per cent, with fleet sales almost trebling and the number of retail customers more than doubling.

In total, 2,134 Lexus models were sold in September, taking the total so far this year to 7,049. Half this total – 3,549 cars – has been to the business and fleet market, demonstrating how more customers are appreciating the genuine savings Lexus hybrids can offer, combined with the premium quality, advanced design and technology, and ultra-refined performance that are hallmarks of the brand.

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