Lexus LFA meets Toyota 2000GT

What are the chances? There are only 500 Lexus LFAs in the world, and fewer still Toyota 2000GTs. And yet, on a rare meeting of the two, they’re wearing the same outfit.

LFA has been very much in the spotlight of late, not least because Jeremy Clarkson recently said: “It’s the best car I’ve ever driven, it really is” on Top Gear. That trend looks set to continue if this eye-popping two-tone car is anything to go by.

We spotted these great images of an LFA coming face to face with its Toyota forefather at Japanese Nostalgic Car.

The Lexus is kitted out in a custom green and yellow livery in tribute to the 2000GT that completed a noteworthy speed test at the now-defunct Yatabe Test Course in Japan in October 1966.

During that event, the distinctive 2000GT ran for 78 consecutive hours and established three world records and 13 international class records.

Watch the (Japanese language) video below to see the original 2000GT in action. You can read more about the Toyota 2000GT at our sister site, the Toyota Blog.

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