Interior design of the new Lexus LC 500

We open the doors to take a closer look inside the new Lexus LC 500 and find a seductive yet elegant atmosphere that actively supports the vehicle’s dynamic goals.

The interior design is influenced by the dynamic luxury of the exterior with a layout that is both cockpit-focused and elegant.

The driving position was calculated to invite spirited, sporting driving and help build confidence with a more intuitive layout for the controls. In fact, the driver’s hip-point was engineered to be as close as possible to the car’s centre of gravity, where feedback from the car is strongest.

The front seats offer excellent support and comfort on long journeys; optional sports seats have extra bolstering for more lateral support when cornering.

Lexus LC 500 interior 03

The engineering team invested considerable efforts to create an engaging, even seductive atmosphere for the driver, focusing on details such as the size and angle of the steering wheel, the feel and positioning of the magnesium alloy paddle shifts and quality of the supple leather and Alcantara seat upholsteries.

The door panels, centre console and dashboard structures display Lexus’s world-renowned takumi craftsmanship in their fine detailing and finish.

Lexus LC 500 interior 05

Tadao Mori, Chief Designer, said: “At an early stage, the designers worked with the engineers to understand their vision for the LC 500’s driving dynamics, and they incorporated this into the design. For example, we gave serious consideration to where the driver’s eyes would focus and designed the surfacing in that area to help support the driver’s mindset.

Lexus LC 500 interior 02

“This was one of the first projects where designers were closely involved in the dynamic engineering development, so we could understand the driving goals and support them with car’s design.”

Lexus LC 500: interior electronics

The LC 500 introduces the 2017 Lexus Multimedia package, featuring updated, faster and more flexible software that will enable future enhancements and a graphic user interface. A Mark Levinson audio package will be available, alongside a standard-fit new premium system from Pioneer. Pioneer’s engineers worked with the LC 500 body and cabin designers to improve interior sound performance.

Lexus LC 500 interior 01

The new model is also equipped with Lexus Safety System+, which integrates a series of active safety technologies and driver assistance systems.

Lexus LC 500 interior 06

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