How to tune DAB radio on your Lexus

With the introduction of DAB radio, listening to your favourite radio station became an even more enjoyable experience, with crystal clear digital sound and simple one-click tuning.

If you’d like to know how to tune DAB radio fitted to your Lexus, then please view the video below or read on for a step-by-step guide.

  1. Begin by ensuring that your Lexus is running or in ‘ACCESSORY’ mode, with the multimedia system switched on.
  2. Access the audio control screen by pressing the ‘RADIO’ button on the centre console or press ‘MENU’ and use the Remote Touch controller to select ‘AUDIO’.
  3. Using the Remote Touch controller, select ‘SOURCE’ > ‘DAB’.
  4. Scroll through the available stations using the arrow buttons on the control panel or on the steering wheel.
  5. To save your favourite station as a preset, select ‘PRESETS’ and long-press the Remote Touch controller on one of the six preset slots. A beep confirms that the preset is saved.
  6. Lexus DAB radios also allow you to rewind, fast-forward or replay digital radio broadcasts – customise this feature to your requirements by selecting the ‘Time Shift’ option on the main ‘DAB’ screen.

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  1. Can you please help me by explaining how to receive station info, e.g. the name of the programme and the name of the song playing, etc. I’ve always had those on my display but have recently changed to my first Lexus (GS 300 2014 model) and ca’t see how to get it.

    1. Hi Lewis. What’s your registration number, and what band are you trying to use: FM or DAB? Thanks.

    2. Did you ever find a solution to this? I’ve just bought a 2014 GS300h and can’t see a way to display any info other than the station name.

  2. Hi, How can I find DAB stations other than BBC? I have the Lexus CT 200h and just can’t figure it out.

    1. Hi Emily, thanks for your question. Can you send us your reg so we know which system you are using? Thanks. ^PM

        1. Hi Simone,
          We have spoken to our technical team and they have advised the issue could be due to the signal in your local area. They suggest retuning the radio in a different location or returning to your local Lexus Centre for further investigation. We hope this helps.

  3. Hi I have a 2011 ct200h premier with DAB, but how do I access the stations. Can’t see DAB on the screen even though I have the button. The manual says I need to see a Lexus dealer. That will probably cost me 🙁

  4. Hi , I have picked up today a new IS 300h . But the DAB does not work , have driven 35 miles and not once has it picked up signal . Can you help ?

    1. Hi Jamie,
      Your local Lexus centre should be able to help. We would suggest contacting them or visiting the centre.

    1. Hi Paul,
      Thanks for getting in touch with us. Our technical team checked two Lexus NX and they found only 6 presets for FM as well as DAB.

      Please note that the vehicles they checked were fitted with the Premium Navigation system. Please let us know if your vehicle is fitted with the (lower grade) Lexus Navigation system.

      Hope this helps.

  5. Hi,

    I cannot tune the radio on is220. I am unable to select radio channels such as BBC or heart fm etc.

    1. Hi Francis,
      Thank you for getting in touch. We’d advise contacting our Multimedia team directly as they are in the best position to assist. You can contact them using this email address:

      1. I cannot get DAB stations on my new Lexus CT. Keep getting ‘no signal’ message. No problem at all on my old car (also a Lexus CT)

        1. Hi Lee,

          We recommend checking the owner’s manual for instructions on how to operate the DAB radio in your vehicle. Due to the age of the vehicle, these can’t be downloaded online, but can be ordered by your nearest Lexus centre, if you don’t already have one.


  6. You may not be tuned to the correct “Ensemble” (a channel with about 10 “stations) My CT200H needs me to select an Ensemble – some are empty or out of range.

  7. Can you advise why on my 2014 Ct200h that the maps were on then went off no maps icon on main screen.
    Everything else works navigation doesn’t come up in settings under telephone.
    I have checked the fuses all alright.
    Any help re installing navigation.

  8. Hi can you please tell me how to tune our Rx 450h into dab only when we press the button we are only able to get FM cheers

  9. I have a problem with the DAB radio on my 2020 CT200 basically living in London I cant get any London stations on it. Having owned four cars in the last 6 years all of which had DAB radios where i could tune to all the London stations I think the radio fitted in the CT200 just isnt up to receiving local stations which is disappointing in a car which cost so much . I had it tuned when serviced which didnt tune to the stations i like to listen to. I am a big fan of DAB radio and own several all of which can tune into every station in the London area this issue spoils my view of the car .

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