How to disable Adaptive Front Lighting on your Lexus RX

Lexus RX front headlight

Lexus’s Intelligent Adaptive Front Lighting System, as fitted to the Lexus RX 450h, is a driver-aid that adjusts the direction of the headlights in response to steering inputs and vehicle speed, in effect pointing the low-beam headlights into the corner and improving your view.

The system is enabled by default, but should you wish to temporarily disable it, watch the tutorial video below or read on for our step-by-step ‘how to’.

  1. On the steering wheel of the Lexus RX, press the ‘MENU’ button and use the arrow buttons to cycle through until ‘AFS’ lights up in the dash display.
  2. Press the ‘ENTER’ button on the steering wheel, which moves the dash display indicator to ‘AFS OFF’, disabling the system.
  3. Press the ‘MENU’ button once more to return to the main display.
  4. To re-enable the system, simply repeat the procedure to switch the display from ‘AFS OFF’ to ‘AFS ON’. The Intelligent Adaptive Front-Lighting System is operational once again.


  1. I’ll be travelling abroad next week in my 2013 RX450h Premier, do I need to disable the AFS? Do I need to apply adapter stickers to the lenses?

    1. Hi Mark,

      Thanks for getting in touch. No, it is illegal to do this as it can blind other drivers.
      The vehicle has a flat beam pattern and therefore is suitable for touring.

      Hope this helps.

      1. Hi, thanks for your reply. Apologies, not exactly sure what you mean by it’s illegal.
        Is it illegal to use the Adaptive lighting or is it illegal to disable it?

        1. AFS adapts the headlamp level to how the vehicle is sitting, this is designed so that the headlights do not point too high if there is a weight in the rear. It is a legal requirement for any vehicle with LED or HID lamps to have an adaptive system, so therefore you can’t disable it.

          Sorry for the confusion, hope this helps!

          1. Now I’m really confused. Your article is titled ‘How to disable Adaptive Front Lighting on your Lexus RX’ but yet you say it’s illegal to disable it. Why have the option if it’s illegal?
            All I want to know is Do I need to switch off the adaptive front lights when driving abroad?

          2. Apologies again for the confusion. An investigation will be going into this and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


        2. I’ve just sen your post of three years ago. I have exactly the same car and same age. I am going to France on Saturday … did you apply adapter stickers?
          Many thanks

      2. Mark
        How do you enable adaptive lighting when using the vehicle on twisting country roads where you require to often slow up or pull over and the top speed is 30 to 35mph and no street lighting

        1. Hi Thomas,

          Thanks for getting in touch. Could you please provide us with your registration or VIN and we can look into this for you?


    2. Dear Mark,
      I have just purchased my 2009 RX350 two months ago from the dealership near me…l have had a series of problems including an oil pan replacement, The manager has been very good about addressing and fixing the problems….
      How ever, there are a few things still needed to be fixed or refixed
      1. For example, the online instructions on the AFS off lights does not include the features/buttons s on the steering wheels as outlined in the manual…
      2 There is still a lot of vibration when the windows (rear)are down. It makes painful vibration and echoing in my ears as well as other passengers…
      3. The menu, phone and navigation systems don’t always work efficiently as provided in the manual instructions. Apparently, it may ne be updated?
      4. There is a lot of static in the radio system when I use my phone charger in either of the lighter outputs… etc…
      THESE ARE A FEW OF THE PROBLEMS THAT WE ARE WITH MY ‘ NEW OLD’ LEXUS….which happens to be my 4th lexus. With these ongoing issues, I’ am beginning to feel a buyer’s remorse… a feeling l didn’t have with the previous three cars which were purchased from non lexus car lots.
      Can you kindly give me your advice as to how l can rectify these issues without seemingly pestering the dealership and manager? Thank you kindly…
      God’s Grace Mercy and Goodness

    1. Hello Luke, thanks for your question.

      Please contact your Lexus Centre regarding this so that they can physically inspect the vehicle.


  2. Hi. I’m travelling to France and Belgium. Do I need headlight deflector stickers on my headlight. I have 68 reg Lexus rx450h Fsport. I believe my lexus has flat beam and may need to turn off AFS. Please advise whether I need to do anything?

    1. Hi Prakash, thanks for your comment.

      Please provide your registration number so we can check on this.


      Lexus UK

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