How to adjust the time on your Lexus clock

When the clocks go forward to British Summer Time on the last Sunday of March, and back to Greenwich Mean Time on the last Sunday of October, we’re faced with the challenge of remembering how to adjust the time on the many clocks in our possession.

So to make your life a little bit easier, here’s how to adjust the clock in all models within the current range. Broadly speaking, the clocks fall into two categories – those with physical buttons for adjustment, and those adjusted via the car’s Remote Touch Interface.

Adjusting the time using physical buttons

On CT and IS models without satellite navigation, the clock is adjusted using physical buttons located close to the clock display.

In the CT, the digital clock has three buttons located beside it. The two on the left – ‘H’ and ‘M’ – correspond to hours and minutes, and pressing the button will advance the relevant digit. The button on the right is marked ‘:00’, and when pressed will round the clock to the nearest hour.

The IS has an analogue clock which is flanked on either side by two small buttons. Press the button on the left to move the hands anti-clockwise and rewind the time, or the button on the right to make the hands advance clockwise until the desired time is reached.

Lexus GS Clock

Adjusting the time using the Remote Touch Interface

Most new Lexus models do not use physical buttons to alter the time. Instead, it is automatically set in line with the navigation’s GPS. However, it is still possible to adjust the settings or manually adjust the time using the car’s Remote Touch Interface.

On the Remote Touch, press the ‘MENU’ button and then select ‘General settings’, followed by ‘Clock’. Here there are three options that you can set: your time zone, whether you want daylight saving to be active, and whether you wish the clock to auto-adjust.

What if I own an older Lexus?

Adjusting the time in Lexus cars from recent years is likely to be similar to the processes set out above, but for instructions relating to your specific vehicle, it’s simple to download an owner’s manual from the My Lexus customer portal. If you’ve not already set up your My Lexus account, simply sign up, log in and head for the e-Manuals section to download the correct manual for your car straight away.

Remember that if you have any query as to the operation of your Lexus, feel free to pop in at your local Lexus centre for help from their trained technicians or contact us on social media and we’ll try to help!


    1. Hi Janet,

      Thank you for your comment.

      The new NX now has a GPS controlled clock that automatically adjusts the time displayed as the vehicle passes through different world time zones.

      Hope this helps.

        1. Hello Stephen,
          Thank you for your comment.
          Please could you provide us with your UK registration?

    1. Hi Jules,

      Thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately we do not have access to an online manual for this vehicle. We would recommend checking your manual or contacting Lexus in your local region to assist you further with this.


  1. I had no problem setting my clock for the semiannual time changes but this time the digital clock reads in military time. Cant figure out how to change it back 🤔

  2. Hi I have a nx300h 2017 and I go to set up and push general and don’t have a clock setting to push to change the navigation clock and ot doesn’t change alltomaticly

  3. Hi

    Purchased a used IS300h from listers and discovered on the handover the analogue clock was incorrect. They were unable to set it and told me it would auto correct by GPS. That was on the 12th august. Since that time Lexus Maidstone have raised 2 technical enquires with Lexus technical and replaced the clock and it is still not working and no update from technical. I would suggest this is not acceptable for a £40k RRP car. I’m very disappointed and this is still outstanding. Hardly installs confidence with such a minor issue

    1. Hello Tom,
      Thank you for contacting us. We’re sorry to hear that you are unhappy with the service you have received.
      If you would like to make a complaint, our Customer Relations team will be best placed to assist you further.
      They can be contacted here:

  4. How do you change the time on the clock on the RX 450
    I can only find either 12h or 24h
    I need to set it one hour back

  5. I’ve just bought a 2021 NX350 sport and can’t believe the clock doesn’t change automatically. Having to switch it in the setup is surely a joke. The clocks in my last two cars, a Vauxhall Insignia and Mazda CX-5, changed from RDS information so the technology has been there for many years. It seems the more expensive the car I go for the worse some of the basic features. Have I missed something or do I have to change the clock twice a year?

    1. Hello Alistair,
      Thank you for contacting Lexus and congratulations on your new NX.
      As Lexus vehicles have a physical clock, you will have to change this manually.

  6. I have tried to change my navigation system for UK daylight saving hours on my 2017 is300h and there is no setting in the General tab to do this. How do I change the time to daylight saving please?

  7. We also are unable to adjust the clock on our IS 300h Premium Pack 2019. It doesn’t have buttons at the side and the menu does not mention a clock option. The GPS itself has updated.

    1. Hello Ian,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Have you had the chance to look in your Owner’s Manual for this information?

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