How to adjust the Digital Side-view Monitors on your Lexus ES

The Lexus ES hybrid luxury saloon is packed with innovative technology, including Digital Side-View Monitors (optionally available on the ES 300h Takumi grade). Digital Side-view Monitors replace traditional door mirrors with compact, high-resolution digital cameras. The cameras display real-time images to monitors inside the car.

An added benefit is the ability to automatically display an extended view whenever the car is turning (using the indicators) or reversing. This helps to reduce or eliminate potentially dangerous blind spots in the driver’s vision.

View our short film below to learn how to adjust the Digital Side-View Monitors’ screen position. You can also alter other functions including overlaying distance guidelines and adjusting the field of vision in the extended view.

How to adjust the Digital Side-view Monitors

The Digital Side-view Monitors are adjusted using a switch on the armrest. To display the adjustment menu, press the ‘Menu’ button.

Use the ‘L’ and ‘R’ buttons to select which side needs adjustment and use the directional pad to adjust the view.

To adjust other settings, press the ‘Menu’ button and use the directional pad to scroll through the settings.

Set your preferred level of brightness in the Brightness setting.

The Point Light Source (PLS) function can be switched on or off. When enabled, PLS reduces glare from the headlights of following vehicles.

The Auto Retract function allows the cameras to automatically fold in when the car is locked.

There are separate adjustments for the field of vision in extended view – one for reverse, and one for turning using the indicators. Use the directional pad to adjust the width of the field of view for each scenario.

Visible distance guidelines can be switched on or off. When in use, they help with parking by overlaying guidelines on the image. These show 20 and 50cm distances from the rear bumper and 50cm along each side of the car. They are also helpful when driving, displaying five, ten and 15-metre distances on the road.

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