How fuel-efficient is the Lexus vehicle range?

There are many factors to consider when evaluating a potential new car purchase. For instance, is it attractive in design and kind to the environment? Does the manufacturer have a reputation for reliability, and does the model strike the right balance between form and function, performance and safety? While some of these areas are subjective in nature, an important area of objective concern is the vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

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Essentially, your prospective new car’s fuel efficiency will impact your finances on a day-to-day basis. With that in mind, the table below lists the combined economy, fuel tank capacity and predicted range of each Lexus model. We hope it will prove helpful in this area of your decision-making.

Fuel economy is an important area of objective concern

Please note that the fuel economy figures below are now calculated using the Worldwide harmonized Light vehicles Test Procedure (WLTP), which is designed to give owners a realistic prediction of their car’s fuel economy in everyday use. The predicted range is based on how far each car could theoretically travel on a full tank of fuel. Your driving style and the type of roads you travel on could affect the figures achieved.

For some models we have shown a range of combined fuel economy figures, because the calculation can be affected by additional accessories that might be included in one grade of car but don’t feature on another.

Fuel efficiency

Lexus fuel efficiency – model by model

CT 200h53.2 to 55.345526.6 to 547.4
IS 300h44.8 to 48.766650.5 to 707.1
ES 300h50.4 to 53.250550.0 to 585.2
RC 300h44.1 to 45.566640.3 to 660.6
RC F23.966347.0
UX 250h49.5 to 53.243468.2 to 503.2
UX 250h E-Four46.3 to 47.043438.0 to 444.6
NX 300h36.6 to 39.756450.9 to 489.1
RX 450h35.7 to 36.265510.5 to 517.7
RX 450h L34.465491.9
LC 50024.382438.3
LC 500h34.882627.7
LS 500h35.7 to 36.682643.9 to 660.3

The above WLTP figures reveal some interesting facts regarding fuel efficiency. With a theoretical range of 707 miles, the Lexus model best suited to an economy/distance challenge such as the journey from Lands End to John O’Groats is the dynamic IS 300h saloon.

Fuel efficiency

The most fuel-efficient Lexus model, the compact CT 200h (above), is also the most affordable to purchase, while the model that will cost the least to fill up is the compact UX 250h crossover.

Fuel efficiency

And among our range of four-wheel drive SUV models, it is the sophisticated, full-size RX 450h (above) that is likely to take you the furthest on a single tank of fuel.

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  1. Realistic figures at last. My ux is average 49.9 mpg over 1400 miles with the best tankful giving a reading of 52.2 mpg. The present reading is 54.2 mpg over the last 200miles.

    My RC 300 h fsport averaged 39 mpg with a best of 45.4 mpg over 18500 miles. Can’t complain!


    1. Hello Keith,

      We are very glad to hear that you are pleased with these figures. We wish you many more luxurious miles behind the wheel of your UX.

  2. My Rx450 is now 2 months old, bought from a lexus showroom.
    it had run 14000 miles.
    it was giving 38mpg initially, now has dropped to 35mpg
    Is anything wrong with it?

    1. Hello Soum,
      Thank you for contacting us.
      All vehicles, not just hybrids, use more fuel in the colder months.
      This is because colder weather means that the engine takes longer to get up to its ideal operating temperature.
      This delay means there is more friction in your engine and transmission whilst the oil gets up to temperature.
      The colder/darker weather also taxes electrical systems more, such as the heater, headlights and windscreen wipers.

  3. I only got 242 miles on a full tank of petrol on my Lexus rx300. Expected a lot more.
    Love the car but disappointed at fuel economy

    1. Hello Yitzchok,
      Thank you for getting in touch with us.
      There are many factors that impact fuel economy, such as driving style, driving conditions and the use of elements such as heated seats.
      If you believe that there is something wrong with your vehicle, your nearest Lexus Centre will be able to look over it for you and make any necessary recommendations.

  4. I just purchased a 2014 IS300h which on first refill has told me I managed 45.6 mpg which are my own calculations not the car’s which are slightly more at 48.1. Still very happy though, it’s a lovely car to drive.

    1. Hi Paul,thanks for getting in touch.

      So great to hear the IS300h is doing so well. We agree that the vehicle is lovely to drive.
      Wishing you many happy miles.


      Lexus UK

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