#10DaysofLFA – celebrating ten years of the Lexus LFA

Time flies when you’re having fun, doesn’t it? December 15th 2020 marks a decade since the production of the Lexus LFA began at the Motomachi plant in Japan. We’re marking the occasion on the blog and across our social media with the #10DaysofLFA campaign.

It seems like only yesterday, with a fervor of excitement, we were launching one of the world’s most hotly anticipated supercars. Our ten-day extravaganza, which runs from 6-15 December, will take into account every aspect of the car’s history with new and previously unseen content, including contributions from The Kyza and Alex Penfold. We’re planning to have a bit of fun along the way, too.


A schedule of content for the campaign for the blog and our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube channels can be seen below (all dates subject to change). So follow #10DaysofLFA and share your love for our V10 masterpiece. We can’t wait to hear from you.

6 December
Facebook, Instagram,
Twitter, Blog
Lexus LFA timeline
7 December
Blog, Twitter, Instagram10 x LFA images you’ve (probably) never seen; The Kyza Lexus LFA renders
8 December
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram10 x LFA images continued
9 December
Facebook, Twitter, InstagramLexus LFA interior 360
10 December
Blog, Facebook, Twitter, InstagramWhat’s it like to own a Lexus LFA? (images by Alex Penfold)
11 December
Blog, Facebook, Twitter, InstagramBuild your own Lexus LFA Paper models
12 December
Blog, Facebook, Twitter, InstagramLexus LFA Nürburgring package history and images
13 December
Facebook, Twitter, InstagramLexus LFA with Lexus LC and Lexus LC C (TBC)
14 December
Blog, Facebook, TwitterLegacy of LFA by Andrew Frankel + Alex Penfold LFA images
15 December
YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, InstagramHappy Anniversary LFA video


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