Where are Lexus cars made?


Lexus prides itself on the quality and craftsmanship built into the production of its cars. That much is evident from the mirror-like application of paintwork, the satisfying sound of a door closing, and the attention to detail of the interior. Those qualities were established during development but physically instituted at the manufacturing stage. Which often leads people to wonder where are Lexus cars made. In fact, where is each model constructed? How many manufacturing facilities does Lexus have? And are all of them in Japan?

Lexus currently has award-winning manufacturing facilities in two continents. Below is our list of the five plants, where they are located and what models they produce.

Tahara – Aichi, Japan

Lexus cars made: NX, RC F and LS

The Tahara facility in Japan was our first manufacturing site and has built every generation of LS from its introduction in 1989. Tahara was the first car plant in the industry to introduce a dedicated Customer Satisfaction line, and through its fusing of cutting-edge technology and human craftsmanship is widely regarded as one of the world’s finest car factories. Extending across over four million square metres, it has the benefit of direct port access for efficient shipping.

Kyushu – Fukuoka, Japan

Lexus cars made: UX (hybrid and BEV), NX, ES and RX

Arguably the manufacturing hub for Lexus in terms of volume and model variety, the multi-award-winning Kyushu plant was established in 1991 and is notable for being the first production facility located outside the parent company’s home prefecture of Aichi. Its three separate factories – Miyata, Kanda and Kokura – have a combined area of around 1.8 million square metres. Casting, machining and some sub-assembly work is carried out at Kanda and Kokura, with body construction, painting and final assembly carried out at Miyata.

Motomachi – Aichi, Japan

Lexus cars made: LC and LC Convertible

Where are Lexus cars made?

Motomachi is the second oldest production facility of parent company Toyota and covers an area of 1.6 million square metres. Yet its highly skilled workforce – almost half of which belong to the production engineering division – was chosen to pioneer the use of composite materials in construction and build the Lexus LFA hypercar. The LC continues this pioneering spirit with a specially tailored assembly line that is radically different from those seen in conventional car plants.

Cambridge – Ontario, Canada

Lexus cars made: RX and NX (from 2022)

Where are Lexus cars made?

The multi-award-winning Cambridge facility is split up into South, North and West plants, the South part of which has been building the popular RX model since 2003 and will produce the NX from 2022. Known for its highly skilled and quality-driven workforce, the 1.3 million square metre plant holds the distinction of being the first Lexus manufacturing facility located outside of Japan. Interestingly, team members heading to the assembly line pass through a replica Lexus showroom to remind them of the nature of the vehicle they are building.

Georgetown – Kentucky, USA

Lexus cars made: ES

Where are Lexus cars made: Georgetown, Kentucky, USA Monday October 5, 2015 Photo by Joseph Rey Au

The Kentucky plant is the company’s largest global production facility. More than $7 billion has been invested in the plant as it has grown in size and responsibility, and it now has a total annual production capacity of 550,000 units. Kentucky started producing the popular ES 350 saloon for the North American market in order to take pressure off Kyushu, which continued to produce other ES and ES hybrid models. Since May 2019, however, Kentucky has begun production of the ES 300h with an annual capacity of 12,000 units.

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  1. Lexus announced that it will arrive in Mexico in December 2021. This is a good news for the Lexus enthusiastics, including myself. I just regret that I did not know about this when I bought my 2020 BMW 330i in December 2019. I just love the Lexus ES 300h, but I should wait several years before replacing my BMW, otherwise I would spend a lot of money because of its fast devaluation. I am sorry for that. I hope no many people were in my case. Congratulations Toyota and Lexus.

  2. Although no longer produced, am i right in thinking than the CT200h was manufactured in Kyushu – Fukuoka, Japan?

  3. I have a Lexus IS250 2.5 litre V6 with engine 4GR-FSE made on August 2005
    I understand that this model is unable to run on E10 fuel.
    Are there any modifications that can be made to change that?

    1. Hello Glyn,
      Thank you for your comment.
      E10 petrol applicability can be viewed here: https://mag.lexus.co.uk/e10-petrol/.
      However, Lexus IS 250 with 2.5-litre V6 4GR-FSE engine made between August 2005 and September 2007 are unable to use E10 petrol.
      We are unable to advise on vehicle modifications that take the vehicle away from manufacturer’s specifications.
      Please continue to use E5 fuel.

      1. Hi
        I ordered a lexus es in November 2021 and the dealer is telling me its June 22 delivery – can that be shortened please?

        1. Hello,
          Thank you for your order.
          Unfortunately, this cannot be shortened.
          Like many other businesses in the automotive industry, Lexus is currently experiencing delays in the global supply chain for some of our components and this has unfortunately led to longer delivery times on some of our new vehicles.
          Please be assured that our focus remains on doing everything we can to deliver our cars as quickly as possible.

    1. Hello Ewa,
      Firstly, thank you for your order.
      Your NX 350h will be built at the Miyata Plant in Japan.

  4. My LC500 is being built in Motomachi This week .Where can I find more info on when it will be shipped and the name of the ship and the arrival date in Jacksonville Fl.. Was ordered from Parker Lexus in Little Rock Ar.. Thanks for the help and info.. Waited a long time for this dream car .. Have owned many Lexus’ or is It Lexi. Greatest vehicles ever made…Am I excited or what??? I would gladly pay for a video of it being assembled…or a short video, but I don’t have the build number..Thank you very much.. Bob

    1. Hello Robert, thank you for your comment.

      We’re thrilled to hear that you have a LC on order, we hope you enjoy it. We can only advise on UK orders. You’ll need to contact the Lexus US team for information on your purchase.


  5. Hi there.
    I consider ordering NX350h quite soon. I understand from now on it will be manufactured in the Canada plant and not in Japan,is this correct?
    I am based in UK, thank you.

    1. Hello Dimitar,
      As stated in the article, the South part of the Cambridge facility has been building the RX since 2003.

  6. I have ordered an NX450h+ which I understand is on a ship being transported to the UK. This is the 14th lexus I have bought since 2009. They are excellent cars and the hybrid system is the best.
    Where do the ships dock in the UK and how long does it take to unload, check and deliver to the dealer?

    1. Hello Michael,
      Thank you for your order and for your loyalty over the years.
      Unfortunately, this is not information we have available.
      Your Lexus Centre would be best placed to provide you with estimated delivery dates.

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