How Lexus Climate Concierge keeps you warm

From a design perspective, Lexus went to exceptional lengths to perfect a sense of continuity between the exterior and interior aesthetic of the Lexus LC Convertible. As a result, many believe it to be the world’s most beautiful open-top car.

Less immediately apparent, however, was the similar challenge involved in creating the opportunity for owners to be able to suspend the continuity between exterior and interior environments when the LC Convertible is driven with the roof down.

In other words, if the occupants prefer to relax in a refreshing bubble of cool air when the ambient temperature is hot, or if they want to be hugged by a blanket of warm air when the world around them is cold, then the LC Convertible must be able to generate that micro-climate. It should deliver a luxurious, top-down experience whether it is being driven in the Arctic or Africa, or anywhere in between.

Lexus Climate Concierge is the intelligent climate control technology that delivers on that promise to keep you at the perfect temperature. Specially adapted for the LC Convertible, this advanced system provides all the benefits of multi-zone climate control but enhances thermal comfort with automatic integration of heating and ventilation features built into the seats and steering wheel.

LC Convertible Climate Concierge Heating areas
LC Convertible Climate Concierge Cooling areas

When the desired temperature is selected on the dual-zone climate control system, Climate Concierge coordinates and adjusts every element of the heating and ventilation system like a conductor with an orchestra.

In order to do this, the cabin is divided into two distinct zones – one for the driver, the other for the passenger. Sensors are used to detect whether both seats are occupied and whether the top is up or down, which in turn prompts the performance of the climate control system to be adjusted accordingly.

Frozen LC Convertible Climate Concierge

Fast-reacting electric heating elements in the front seats, steering wheel and cabin heat exchanger immediately take the edge off a cold day, long before the engine has warmed through enough to pump hot air through the vents. These are supplemented with adjustable heaters built into the headrests that direct warm air around the occupant’s neck like a thermal scarf. On hot days the reverse occurs, as powerful ventilation is able to rapidly lower the seat temperature before the air conditioning takes over.

When the pre-set temperature is reached, the system continues to monitor the environment and temperature of key contact points and automatically adjusts each element to maintain the desired comfort level. Lexus Climate Concierge also knows when the roof is down and automatically regulates these same components to compensate for additional factors such as sunlight, outside temperature and vehicle speed. It can even send an extra blast of warm air in key areas, such as to the back of the driver’s hands on the steering wheel.

LC Convertible Climate Concierge Heating areas
LC Convertible Climate Concierge Heating areas

Such attention to detail is not limited to the climate control system, however. Careful aerodynamic tuning plays an important role in keeping the cabin environment calm and comfortable. The shape of the LC Convertible is not just beautiful to look at but actively smooths airflow as it passes over the bodywork, while a subtle deflector and optional mesh screen significantly reduce buffeting at speed.

With the LC Convertible, Lexus has used technology and cutting-edge engineering to enrich the sensory experience. This model offers all the wind-in-the-hair appeal associated with open-top driving but allied to the feeling of being cared for and nurtured in an environment of luxury, irrespective of the surrounding climate.

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