Lexus LM reviews: the first test-drives

Lexus LM reviews

Members of the UK motoring press were recently invited to test-drive the new Lexus LM 350h, a hybrid electric ‘Luxury Mover’ which delivers the ultimate in Lexus omotenashi hospitality by combining the luxurious qualities of a limousine within the space and format of an MPV. What did the road testers think of the LM’s dual personality: one which offers a relaxing living space and a flexible mobile office for those who need to work on the move? Read what they had to say in our Lexus LM reviews article below.

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Lexus LM reviews

Lexus LM reviews:

Autocar: 4/5

“Lexus worked with private jet manufacturers… to create a cabin environment that is as once more opulent, cosseting and tech-laden than any other car in the brand’s line-up. Indeed, you would be hard-pressed to find comparable decadence in anything without a Flying B or Spirit of Ecstasy on its nose. The LM holds its own as a credible, convincing and highly innovative take on the limousine formula – and one that, true to form, is best enjoyed from the rear.”

Auto Express: 4/5

“The Lexus LM is a new type of car for us Europeans, yet… does a brilliant job of channelling superior luxury. More a movable living room than a car, the LM pampers its occupants like nothing else this side of a Lear Jet. The only thing missing is the in-cabin crew. Don’t let those armoire-like proportions fool you… the LM350h is instead based on the… sophisticated GA-K platform as used by the NX and RX SUVs.”

Auto Trader: 4/5

“The fact it’s built on regular car foundations means significantly better refinement than [van-based rivals], the smooth petrol-hybrid powertrain is also a plus. Family buyers can opt for a six-seat version with MPV practicality… but the LM’s real selling point is the ‘private jet on wheels’ vibe of the top Takumi model with its two fully reclining rear seats in a partitioned-off rear cabin. This includes a massive 48-inch screen for streaming movies… or for holding Zoom meetings when you need to do business on the move. If true luxury is about space to stretch out and relax the Lexus might just win over high-net-worth individuals and well-heeled families alike.”

CAR: 4/5

“The real luxury is space. The rear of [saloon-based rivals] is plush and comfortable, but within the LM’s van dimensions comes the freedom to really stretch out. The headroom is palatial, and the view out expansive. While most limos have reclining seats of some variety, the LM’s really do go all the way back. Is it comfortable? Yes – to an extent we’ve not experienced in a long time. The Lexus LM offers something truly different – the luxury of space, of quality, and of obsessive levels of design.”

Lexus LM reviews

Parkers: 4.4/5

“The LM is a car for rear occupants, perhaps more than any other vehicle on sale. It fulfils that brief incredibly well, with a level of luxury that’s hard to find outside of hyper-expensive, fully customised vans and limousines. For those who want to be driven… we don’t think there’s anything better out there right now. The comfort on offer here is unparalleled, and Lexus’s trademark quality and attention to detail is evident throughout.”

Lexus LM reviews:

The Sunday Times: 4/5

“Lexus says the LM has been designed from the inside out, with most of the focus on passengers riding in the rear. Whichever version you go for, the seats are clothed in sumptuous leather and the second-row pews can be fully reclined, aircraft-style, for naps on the move. They also include heating and ventilation, and even sensors that monitor your body temperature and adjust the heating accordingly. Nothing else really offers the LM’s combination of interior space, luxury, technology and ride comfort – certainly not for the money.”

Top Gear: 7/10

“The only driver interaction that matters here is the one between the rear seat occupants and the hired hand upfront. The LM is a truly stellar luxury proposition, one that repositions Lexus – whose brand bandwidth is bigger than ever now with the arrival of the LBX – back where the original LS saloon put it 30-plus years ago. This is a quixotic car in many ways, and slyly disruptive. We approve.”

What Car?: 4/5

“As you might expect, it’s when you sit inside the Lexus LM that it really shines. Every surface is covered with either supple leather or quality-feeling wooden trim. You’ll be hard-pressed to find any other car that’s more pleasant to be in. Naturally, along with all the plush materials, Lexus has placed a lot of focus on rear-seat comfort. In the back of the LM, you’ll find two seats that seem to have come straight from the first-class cabin of a swanky airliner. The four-seat version is the most impressive, giving you the ability to lay them flat like a bed.”

When will the Lexus LM arrive in the UK?

The new Lexus LM is available to order now through Lexus centres, where the first customer deliveries are scheduled to arrive during the fourth quarter of this year. Customer response to the new model has been strong, with more than 170 orders received (as of the end of September 2023) since reservations opened in July – the majority of these for the top-spec Takumi version.

All information is correct at the time of publishing.

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