What are the towing capabilities of the latest Lexus models?

What are the towing capabilities of the latest Lexus models? This is a question frequently asked at Lexus centres and through our busy social media platforms, and it is coming up more regularly as families plan staycation holidays.

The following table lists all new Lexus models currently on sale and their maximum applicable figures. The blank spaces represent models that have either not been engineered to tow or are not homologated to do so in the United Kingdom. In these cases, luggage carrying capacity can always be increased with official Lexus touring accessories.

Lexus towing capacities

CT 200h    
UX 250h (all models) 750kg 750kg 75kg 
UX 300e    
IS 300h 750kg 750kg 75kg 
NX 300h (FWD) 650kg 650kg 30kg 
NX 300h (AWD) 750kg 1,500kg 60kg 
ES 300h    
RC 300h    
RC F    
RX 450h 750kg 2,000kg 80kg 
RX 450h L  
LC 500h    
LC 500    
LC 500 Convertible    
LS 500h    


What is the difference between braked and unbraked trailers?

Most larger trailers and caravans feature an integrated braking system that is activated through a mechanical link from the tow bar. This means that when the tow car brakes, the inertia of this force prompts the application of what is known as the ‘overrun brakes,’ which are installed to reduce the brake effort carried out by the tow car. Smaller, lighter trailers with no integrated braking system are called ‘unbraked’ and are entirely free-wheeling. These trailers therefore rely on the tow car to carry out all the brake effort.

Why is nose weight important?

Nose weight refers to the maximum vertical load that is exerted on the tow bar by the attached trailer or caravan (this also applies to tow bar-mounted cycle carriers). This figure is established by Lexus in order to maintain a safe level of traction and steering through the front wheels.


  1. Hi ,

    In the US you can specify a towing pack which increases capacity to 3,500lbs.

    Is this available to order on UK spec Lexus RX please .?

      1. Just fitted tow bar plus electric..to ux fsport service managers vehicle for 2 bikes..lovly…lexus Leicester

  2. I will be buying a new car I am starting my paper study, today, before selecting the winners for a Test Drive,
    I tow a caravan. Do you supply a Tow hook?
    I also Drive across country to get to work daily, through some challenging driving conditions Floods deep water ones up to door level, Snow above the car (beast from the East) , Ice, Pot holes on country roads.
    I need a capable AWD SUV that is not put off by a bit of water
    I also do a lot of Motorway driving up to Liverpool were my son is at University and dont want to be range stressed
    The tow limit needs to be 2000kg through 2500 kg would be nice.
    I also want a reasonable performance and economy, low garage costs and a top reliability given living in the country.
    What lexus would you suggest for my paper study. and can I have the specification / brochure please

    1. Hi Robert,

      The closest vehicle we’d have to suit your requirements is the RX 450h. It has a towing capacity of 2000kgs, an E-Four all wheel drive system. All of our vehicles are reliable, and we win awards for this every year. There is no range anxiety due to it not being a plug-in. It has an acceleration time of 7.7 seconds from its 3.5 litre V6 petrol engine. It has a WLTP mpg figure of 35.3 – 35.7 depending on specification.

      We don’t supply a physical brochure, but you can see it online here: https://lexus.turtl.co/story/lexus-rx-rx-l-price-list/page/1

      Let us know if you have any further questions, or if we can help arrange a test drive.


        1. Hi Chris,

          WLTP fuel economy figures don’t take towing into consideration. Of course, the fact that you are adding weight to the vehicle means that fuel consumption will inevitably increase but we can’t predict exactly what figure you’ll get. If you are referring to the RX, it will use a mixture of battery and petrol power, but again, given the additional load when towing, it is unlikely to spend much time in electric only mode.


  3. Is the nose weight for NX 300 h f sport capable of carrying two electric bikes on a towbar and bike hitch/carrier

    1. Hi Wesley,

      It depends on the weight of the bike carrier and the bikes.

      Please contact your nearest Lexus centre for more information and advice on accessories.


      1. Hi,
        I am thinking of getting a towbar fitted to my NX 300 h F Sport 2021. The work will be carried out by a reputable towbar fitting business (not a Lexus dealership). My question is if I get this done will it affect the warranty of the vehicle.
        Wesley Spence

        1. Hello Wesley,
          This will not directly affect the warranty.
          However, if operation or fitment were found attributable to a failure then it could affect the warranty.

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