Take your Lexus IS from hot to scorching with official TRD tweaks

The Lexus IS is a real looker. The compact executive segment is awash with conservativeness, so its confident lines and creases cut a dash. In fact just last week, Car magazine said of the car: “There’s no better looking ‘junior exec’ on the market.”

But what if you want to go ‘next level’, and equip your IS with the kind of sideward glancing looks usually reserved for out-and-out sports cars? Well, Toyota Racing Development (TRD) – the in-house tuner for Lexus and Toyota cars globally – has developed a spectacular bodykit for the model, to add even greater visual klout. What’s more, a range of dynamic upgrades are also available, bestowing an even more focused driving experience upon IS, to match the racier looks.

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The IS TRD kit consists of a front spoiler, deeply contoured sides skirts, upswept rear boot spoiler and an ever-so-slightly Tron-looking rear diffuser with quad exhaust tips and a sports muffler. You can upgrade to 15-spoke, 19-inch forged alloy wheels too and all of the parts are available individually.

Dynamic tweaks comprise of adaptive variable suspension (AVS) combined with a Diamond Like Coating (DLC) shock absorber. The system provides optimal stability and damping force to the vehicle, encouraging spirited driving. A member brace is offered that reinforces the front section of the car’s floor, while a performance damper improves steering stability and helps maintain IS’ famed ride comfort.

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IS TRD rear

All of the TRD parts are available on IS 250, IS 300h, and in markets outside of the UK, IS 350. Prices start at 40,000 JPY – approximately £215* – for an unpainted rear spoiler, exclusive of delivery and fitment. You can purchase the parts from in the UK from an official TRD supplier. Your local Lexus centre can assist you in finding the supplier nearest to you, alternatively you can leave your name and local area with us below, and we locate a supplier for you.

*The unit price is exclusive of fitment, and import tax if you are ordering direct from TRD. UK prices may vary between suppliers.

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Where next?

Build your IS here. If you would like to get behind the wheel, leave a comment below and we’ll be in touch shortly.


    1. Hello Nick
      Thanks for your post.
      We have done a bit of digging and a kit does exist. You can see it in the attached video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEjT5dJ_H58
      At this stage though and because the NX is new to our market no decision has been made about whether we will launch this kit in the UK. Stay tuned to our Blog for the latest news.
      Hope this helps answer your question though.

    1. Hi Matthew
      Slightly harder for us to comment on this one as we have not trialed or tested any performance related upgrades for the IS 250 via TRD in the UK. It might be one to check among current Lexus owners on forums (it may be a more common in the US for example) particularly if you are looking for engine performance upgrades outside of the body/exhaust upgrades mentioned in this article. If you do have any other questions though please let us know.

  1. Is this TRD styling kit for IS300h still available ? And can I get it via Lexus ? As I was not aware of a UK TRD supplier !

    1. Be careful if you change anything! Be sure replacements are available if they’re needed. This is from bitter experience! Keith

  2. I am surprised that you are still advertising the shock absorbers after all the trouble I put you through! I was categorically told they were no longer available.
    I’m surprised that David, who presumably has Lexus collections, answered in the manner that he did last year. Lexus ran a full is300h TRD for a full year. 2013

  3. Hi, I have a is300h FSport – can the twin tail pipes be added? If so, what would be the cost?

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