Lexus UX features: seven amazing elements

The Lexus UX features several amazing elements, all of which illustrate the lengths to which Lexus designers, engineers and master craftspeople have gone in creating our new compact SUV. With the first examples of the UX due to be delivered to customers in March 2019, we list seven of these features which owners will be able to benefit from the minute they sit in the driver’s seat.

Lexus UX features

1. The science of luxury door sounds

As the first point of contact with most vehicles, the door marks a vital introduction to luxury for all occupants. To enhance this element, Lexus acoustic engineers collaborated with neural scientists to try and understand people’s perception of the perfect door-closing sound.

Using brainwave analysis captured during the closing of car doors, the team selected bespoke materials and finely adjusted the shape of the door – sometimes by as little as one-tenth of a millimetre – to produce the most satisfying and reassuring noise.

Lexus UX features

While this pleasing sound was engineered from the beginning, a further level of assurance has been built into production. Before each new UX leaves the Kyushu plant it is sent into a dedicated quiet room facility where Lexus Takumi craftspeople check and, if necessary, adjust the door to ensure the correct closing sound is produced.

2. Sashiko stitching on leather seats

The new UX luxury compact SUV can be ordered with leather seat upholstery inspired by sashiko, a traditional Japanese stitching technique used to apply protecting quilting to judo and kendo uniforms.

Lexus UX features

As well as referencing the shape of the vehicle’s signature grille, the distinctive visual effect created by Lexus craftspeople aligns the stitching with the mathematical curves of the seat perforations and ventilation outlets. The result is a sophisticated fusion of art and functionality.

3. Wireless illuminated vent controls

Each ultra-slim air vent features a single knob to control both the direction and intensity of the airflow. On Takumi-grade models, this vent control houses a wireless LED light source powered by electrical induction.

This advanced yet elegant detail not only makes the vent control visible in the dark but its three-dimensional sequence of reflections creates a comforting sense of depth that belies the relatively small size of the knob itself.

4. Sophisticated power window system

In order to complement the luxurious ambience inside the cabin, the operation of the power windows is carefully controlled to reduce noise and juddering. All power windows are additionally equipped with a jam and entanglement function, which prevents items such as clothing or children’s fingers from becoming trapped.

5. Pausing windscreen wipers

The windscreen wipers of the new UX are among the most innovative of their kind. Not only is the wiper system equipped with an automatic rain sensor but has the ability to gradually slow down so as not to impair driver concentration.

Underlying the Lexus spirit of omotenashi – Japanese for hospitality and polite service – the wipers have been designed to automatically pause when a door is opened. This feature is to prevent guests entering or exiting the car from being accidentally splashed.

6. Folding luggage cover

The luggage cover provides an object lesson in the customer-centric approach Lexus takes to design. This innovative component can be folded like a net when not in use and stored in the car with a minimum of obstruction.

7. Precision-assembled tailgate

Every tailgate and tailgate opening is digitally measured at around 200 different reference points prior to assembly.

The equipment is sensitive enough to allow for minute differences in temperature and humidity. This data enables the skilled Lexus craftspeople assembling the UX to adjust each tailgate to fit exactly, ensuring it will operate perfectly for many years to come.

All information was correct at the time of publishing.


  1. I cannot believe the technology and trouble Lexus go to with their cars. Amazing though it is, in a good way, yet they persist in their pathetic multi media/ infotainment centre touchpad. It doesn’t work, it never has worked and it never will work. Every single review in every single country says how bad it is. It is dangerous to even try and operate on the move. For the sake of every future Lexus owner please replace this stupid pad with a rotary controller.

    1. Hello Robert,
      Thanks for your feedback. We are always looking to improve our product offering.
      With the inclusion of Apple CarPlay on our newer models, owners have the choice to use familiar smartphone interface they are used to.

  2. I have recently purchased 2005 Lexus 200 is satnav system does not appear to be working I do not know how to turn it on auto fault find as I have no handbook can somebody help me please

    1. Hi Andy,

      Please contact your nearest Lexus centre as they will be able to take a look at this for you.


  3. Collected our new Lexus UX Takumi one week ago. The gesture tailgate facility does not work. We have read the guide, watched the online video instruction clips and invited several members of the family to try it. It fails to function on every occasion. It has never worked.
    Our main Lexus dealership have no solution.
    This exceptionally disappointing and reflects very negatively on the Lexus brand.

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