Lexus UX accessories: what are available?

Thanks to its frugal, silky-smooth hybrid powertrain and comfortable interior, the Lexus UX is great for any journey. However, if you are heading further afield there is a comprehensive range of tailor-made Lexus UX accessories designed to suit your lifestyle.

We decided to give some of them a try, so we equipped our Lexus UX Takumi with all-important winter tyres and headed off to the famous Morzine ski resort, situated on the French/Swiss border, during peak powder season. To make our weekend extra luxurious, we spent the night in stunning accommodation provided by Hunter Chalets.

Lexus UX accessories

Lexus UX accessories: Safety

The first thing on anybody’s list when travelling in Europe should be the European Safety Kit. Although laws differ from country to country, this comprehensive kit includes many of the items that are a legal requirements for driving on the continent. It includes high visibility waistcoats, two warning triangles, a comprehensive first aid kit, headlight beam converters, two breathalysers and a GB Sticker.

Lexus UX accessories

Lexus UX accessories: Roof box

There’s a lot you need to pack when you go to Morzine. It’s not just skiing or snowboarding, you also need your most elegant attire for the glamorous hotels and bars.

Lexus UX accessories

That’s where the Thule touring roof box comes in. This gloss black, streamlined roof box gives the UX an extra 300 litres of carrying capacity. It’s convenient to use too; it opens from both sides for easy fitting, loading and unloading, and has a central locking point.

Be aware that in order to create a secure and stable base for its attachment, roof rails will need to be fitted first. A ski/snowboard holder is also available, but this cannot be used in conjunction with the roof box.

Lexus UX accessories: Adventure Protection Pack

When you’re up in the mountains, it’s really easy for the vehicle’s carpets and floor mats to get soaking wet and dirty. There’s also the potential for damaging the interior, especially when loading your car with snowy boots and sharp equipment.

The Adventure Pack includes a rugged and hard-wearing rubber boot liner, which protects the boot area from liquid and prevent scratching. The pack also includes rubber floor mats, a boot cargo net, and front and rear mudflaps to help keep your car pristine. You can buy all these items separately, too.

Lexus UX accessories

Lexus UX accessories: Style Pack

The Style Pack consists of silver aerodynamic skirts for the front, side and rear of the car. They’re designed to give the UX a more powerful, sporty look, and we’re inclined to agree. Our UX certainly didn’t look out of place in scenic Morzine.

Lexus UX accessories

If you would like to order any of the accessories featured in this blog, visit our website, our eBay store or visit your local Lexus Centre.

All information was correct at the time of publishing.


  1. I love this one for the family use, it is awesome and please keep it up to surprise us with good quality style ever seen.

  2. Just purchased a nearly new Lexus UX Takumi. I was aware there was no spare but have noticed there is no locking wheel nut or jack or inflation kit in the boot. Have I been duped by the dealer? How do you repair a puncture without an inflation kit or jack?

    1. Hi Colin,

      Congratulations on your new car and thanks for choosing Lexus. The Takumi grade gets run flat tyres, which cannot be repaired. Instead, they are able to remain inflated enough for you to drive, at lower speeds, enough for you to get home, or to a tyre centre to get it replaced, hence there is no tyre repair kit or jack. However, there should be a locking wheel nut in the glovebox, in a small box. Please check there and if you don’t have one, we apologise and can put you in touch with your centre to get this sorted.


  3. You say items can be purchased separately but I have visited the sites and there is no mention of item’s

  4. Having purchased a Lexus UX this year, I am disappointed that the only accessories you get with the car is a locking wheel nut! Surely it is a legal requirement to have at least a wheel jack never mind a first aid kit or anything else. This is the only make of car I have had where none of these items have been provided. Disappointing for a premium make of vehicle.

    1. Hello Catherine,
      Thanks for your comment and congratulations on your new UX.
      We are sorry to hear that you are disappointed with the accessory provision.
      Please contact your Lexus Centre to see what other options may be available to you.

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