Lexus UK sales in 2014 soar to seven-year high

Lexus signed off 2014 with its highest UK sales total since 2007. The 11,572 vehicles sold represented an increase of 28.4 per cent on the previous year’s total.

Central to this success is the phenomenal performance of the new IS sports saloon, which almost doubled its 2013 Lexus UK sales figure. Notably more than 90 per cent of IS leaving Britain’s showrooms have been the hybrid IS 300h, confirming the great customer appeal of its efficient, refined and reliable performance, with significant added tax benefits for business car drivers.


The momentum generated during the past 12 months has the potential to increase further during 2015, not least with the arrival of the new NX, Lexus’s first crossover model. Around 1,000 NX 300h hybrids have already reached the UK’s roads and early next year the range will grow to include the NX 200t, the first model to use Lexus’s new 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine.


The high-performance V8-powered RC F has enjoyed enthusiastic critical response, providing an excellent platform for the launch of the RC coupe, one of a number of new Lexus model introductions that will take place in the coming year.


Richard Balshaw, Lexus Director, said: “The great results achieved in 2014 reflect how Lexus is becoming a more exciting and distinctive luxury brand, giving customers real choice when it comes to innovative styling, advanced technology and the established benefits of Lexus quality and reliability.

“The immediate success of the NX is one example of how we are taking the brand into important new market areas and giving even more customers the chance to enjoy the special benefits of Lexus ownership.”



  1. Congratulations to Lexus on this strong performance. It’s great to see so many hybrid Lexuses replacing noisy diesels and their particulate outputs on our roads. The new NX is a terrific package, and one morning with it was enough to make me sign up. It would be good, however, to see more of the features on available on the Premier NX grade offered as options more widely across the range. For example, the head-up display is excellent, and a valuable safety aid. I’d certainly pay to specify the HUD on the NX Luxury I’ve ordered if there’s a change of heart before the build date.

    1. Hello Martin
      Thanks for your post and for your feedback after driving the new Lexus NX.
      We do take on board your comments about the specification between the vehicle grades particularly the HUD, and will pass this back to the Lexus product team. There are no plans to change the grade specification at present however this is an area where we do value feedback as this does enable us to improve this in the future.
      Thanks again and if you do have any other questions about your NX please let us know.

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