Lexus RX 450h+ reviews: what the press says

Lexus RX 450h+ reviews

The all-new Lexus RX made its UK launch in February 2023. This fifth-generation model represents a complete reinvention of our popular large luxury SUV. It breaks new design and technology boundaries and delivering a step-change in dynamic performance while remaining true to the model’s heritage. Selected motoring journalists were recently invited to test what is predicted to be the core model, the RX 450h+. What did these professional road-testers think of the new car and its innovative plug-in hybrid electric powertrain? You can read what they said in our Lexus RX 450h+ reviews article below.

Lexus RX 450h+ reviews

Lexus RX 450h+ reviews:

Autocar: 4/5

“This PHEV version is projected to be the volume seller in the UK. [It is] rated for 42 miles of electric-only range, which puts it in the coveted 8% company-car tax band.

“The real draw [is] the beautifully crafted and minimally distracting interior”

Illya Verpraet, Autocar

“The RX 450h+ effectively uses the same engine-motor combination of the RX 350h. The main difference is the bigger, 18.1kWh battery under the cabin floor, which allows the motors to deliver more power for more of the time. A combined electric power output of 233bhp gives the RX 450h+ good EV drivability, and… it’s equally easy-going in hybrid mode.

“Motorway cruising is very serene indeed, and the kind of rough roads that can cause rivals to stumble aren’t a problem for the RX, despite our test car riding on 21-inch wheels.”

Auto Express: 4/5

“On paper the 450h+ sounds potent enough with 304bhp allowing for a 6.5-second 0-62mph time. Provided you have enough energy in the battery, you can, of course, switch to electric only mode. The instantaneous torque gives the RX some extra pep around town and silent EV running certainly suits the RX’s calm persona. Lexus claims around 40 miles of electric-only running is possible – most people should get near to this figure with careful driving.

“There’s an impressive array of technology on board, the ride is tuned for comfort above all else and the build quality is exemplary.”

Alastair Crooks, Auto Express

“Once [its] 18.1kWh battery has been emptied (the 6.6kW on-board charger means a full charge takes around two hours and 45 minutes), there’s a second battery that allows the 450h+ to run as a self-charging hybrid. This essentially means you’re always utilising the efficiency benefits of hybrid running. It’s the first time we’ve come across this technology and for PHEV users that might forget to charge or find it impractical to do so regularly, it’s a nice safety net to have.”

Lexus RX 450h+ reviews

Lexus RX 450h+ reviews:

Car Buyer: 4.1/5

“What really sets the plug-in hybrid Lexus apart from its competition…, is its second battery which kicks in whenever the larger unit is depleted, turning the car into an old-school self-charging hybrid. From what we’re aware, this is an industry first. Keep both batteries charged up – a full charge will take around two hours and 45 minutes when connected to a home wall box – and you’ll return up to 256.8mpg. This also means CO2 emissions are as low as 24g/km, putting the 450h+ in the eight percent Benefit-in-Kind company car tax bracket.

“It’s hard to deny the RX’s superb quality. Everything you touch feels incredibly tactile and befitting of a car with a circa £60k price tag.”

Tom Jervis, CarBuyer

“Flick the drive mode switch into ‘Sport’ and the RX can… provide a modest amount of fun. Lexus offers the RX with optional four-wheel-steering to make [it] feel a lot more manageable around tight city streets. Standard on high-spec cars, this system turns the rear wheels in the opposite direction of those at the front at low speeds to reduce the size of the turning circle. The result is a car that feels much more manoeuvrable than you’d expect.”

Car Enthusiast: 3.5/5

“The highlight [of the interior] is the new central touchscreen, which is much more intuitive than that of the old RX. It’s basically the same unit you’ll find in the smaller NX and the forthcoming RZ electric SUV, and it’s… brought Lexus’ infotainment technology into the 2020s. Every aspect of the RX’s interior is beautifully stitched, bolted or glued to its neighbour, and everything feels upmarket and solid. The fact it’s also more stylish than ever makes the cabin arguably the RX’s best feature.

“Special mention should go to the Sonic Copper paint… which uses sound waves to help create that striking bronze colour.”

James Fossdyke, Car Enthusiast

“Official figures suggest the RX can use its battery so much that economy of more than 200mpg is possible, assuming you can charge the car regularly and most journeys are short. Perhaps more pertinently, the system allows CO2 emissions of 25-26g/km, and that means company car tax bills should be kept in check.

CAR: 3/5

“The RX… seems to meter out its battery power intelligently. At the end of our 70-mile route, we still had a third of the battery left – and the trip gauge said we’d been averaging an impressive 99.9mpg. If you hadn’t guessed, that’s as high as the gauge goes.

“The Lexus RX is a… recommendable luxury SUV. It’s comfortable, refined, efficient and it feels suitably expensive.”

Luke Wilkinson, CAR

“Once you’ve emptied the battery, it starts running like a full hybrid – and that means you’re not dragging around the dead weight of the battery and motors. They’re forced to earn their keep, clawing back what power they can through regenerative braking and redeploying it to increase the efficiency of the petrol engine.

“The cabin’s a lovely place to be, especially if you splash out on the range-topping Takumi specification. The cream leather upholstery and enormous panoramic sunroof make the interior feel light and airy – and there’s loads of technology to keep you comfortable and entertained. We [also] like the infotainment system.”

Lexus RX 450h+ reviews

Lexus RX 450h+ reviews:

Regit: 9/10

“The RX is sharp away from the starting blocks and the acceleration through the surprisingly refined e-CVT transmission is beautifully smooth and responsive. [It] eats up motorway miles for fun… and in busier stop and start traffic, the agility also impresses, as does the all-round driver visibility. And, of course, if you have enough charge you can revert to EV-only mode which gives instant response… and some extra zip in general.

“The new RX is perfect proof that while still delivering on luxury and refinement, Lexus can also deliver on performance.”

Maxine Ashford, Regit and Women’s World Car of the Year judge

“The steering is well-weighted, delivering plenty of feedback and the RX is beautifully poised out on more challenging B roads with impressive grip through tight bends. The high-end Takumi model gains adaptive suspension… which can be adjusted according to taste, but credit to the engineers because the ride and comfort levels on this car are truly sublime.”

Sunday Mail

“This new fifth-generation Lexus… is 95% different from its predecessor, with more legroom, a longer boot and a lower centre of gravity for even better handling and road holding. The most striking feature from the outside is the way the body colour of the car melts into that deep spindle Lexus signature grille.

“I love the way Japanese manufacturers… incorporate traditional Japanese values into the style of their cars”

Maggie Barry, Sunday Mail

“Lexus says from experience [that the RX 450h+} will be its biggest seller as its green credentials and excellent economy will be attractive to both fleet and private customers. And the beauty of this PHEV is that even when the electric charge – which will take you about 40-43 miles – runs out, the self-charging facility onboard means you can continue to build it up when you brake and decelerate. That means you never lose the boost the electric motor gives the 2.5-litre petrol engine when you need that extra bit of power.”

What Car?: 4/5

“It feels sprightly, with the electric motor responding quickly to the accelerator pedal before eagerly picking up the pace, and only calling on the petrol engine to assist in short bursts. Switching to Eco drive mode dampens down that immediacy, but there’s still enough poke to maintain momentum.

“The brakes are strong, and the regenerative braking system is very subtle when you lift off the accelerator pedal to harvest energy for the battery.”

Lawrence Cheung, What Car?

“The ride… is at the firmer end of the scale, but it absorbs bumps well and remains settled. The steering… responds accurately and is nicely weighted, allowing you to build up a rhythm quite quickly when you encounter a series of bends. Meanwhile, grip levels are high.

“The RX is a very relaxing place to cover long distances in. There’s hardly any wind noise, and while you tune into a minor level of road noise, that’s because you’re so well isolated from other sounds. [It] will run almost silently when on battery power, and the changeover between electric and petrol power is hardly noticeable. Even when the engine wakes up, it remains hushed.”

Learn more: Sonic Copper paintwork – how it is created


  1. Tyre size enquiry if you please?

    In my experience low profile tyres do not offer the ride comfort which I prefer. Are there smaller wheel/larger profile tyre combinations available/recommended for the RX 450h+?

    1. Hello, thanks for your question.

      The smallest wheel available on the RX 450h+ is the 19″ wheel which is available on the Premium Pack and comes with 235/60/R19 tyres.


      1. I’m interested in buying a new RX350H, but concerned about the previous generations vulnerability to Canbus attack.
        My question is doe’s the new model have an encryted Canbus to reduce the posibility of theft?
        I’ve asked two dealers and they’ve both been unable to answer my question.

    1. Hello Simon, thanks for your question.

      The current estimated lead time for the Lexus RX 450h+ is August 2023.


  2. What about the contrast of the map – awfully insipid. Poor definition on the demonstrations thus far

    1. Thank you for sharing your feedback, Martin.

      Perfectly positioned for relaxing interaction while driving, the 14” High Definition touchscreen is one of the largest available and allows access to information such as navigation, audio and climate control.

      Thank you.

    2. I use Apple Car play Google maps. Lovely Satellite view on the screen. Agree the Lexus sat nav is insipid and no satellite view.

  3. I had a RX300 with 4 wheel drive but my RX450h does not manage to pull the boat from the beach in the same conditions, the rear wheels give no traction from a standing start. Is there anything I can do or have modified to fix the problem? Or do I look for a Rav4 or a Landcruiser?
    I need help!!!

    1. Hello Stephen, thanks for getting in touch.

      We are sorry to hear you are experiencing these issues.

      We would recommend getting in contact with your local Lexus centre to discuss your situation with the technicians. They are best placed to support and assist you with this.

      Hope this helps!


  4. I’ve bought the new RX 350h but now found it and the 450 are the second most stolen car after Range Rover. Lexus Insurance has risen by 86% since October. Range Rover have recalled all models to do a fix on the security module to prevent theft as even their own insurance brokers refused cover.
    What are Lexus planning to do about this ? Currently only 30 seconds to steal by accessing the headlight wiring behind the bumper. I also have to keep my keys in a Faraday pouch.

    1. Hi Martin, thanks for your comment.

      This is something that we are continually working on with local authorities. Your local Lexus Centre is best placed to assist with assessing the risk to your specific vehicle and advising on precautionary measures if possible.


      Lexus UK

  5. I test drove the new RX . Nice drive but the cosmetics – body shape , limited colour range and in- your-face dash were enough not to part with my beloved 2017 RX.

  6. Sorry but Martin Hallidays important n serious questions are not being answered.responsinly!
    Lexus r working with local authorities?? Don’t understand!
    Lexus r 2nd after Range Rover?? Never knew .
    I hav had 10+ Lexus’s over past 15 years – always felt they r the best cars.
    I am in process of purchase of a new RX and new NX as company cars but Above Questions r worrying!!

    1. Hello Surinder, thank you for your comment.

      Unfortunately, criminals are continuing to find ways around new security technology. Please be assured that we are working with relevant parties including the police to put a stop to this horrible crime. Here are our top recommendations for improving car security:

      Your local Lexus Centre is best placed to advise further and assist if you have any further questions on additional security measures for your future cars.

      Thank you.

    1. Hi Ken,thanks for getting in touch.

      The turning circle for the 2024 RX450h+ Takumi grade is 6.3 metres (21 feet).


      Lexus UK

      1. The car is approx 5m long ! so that is impossible. That is the centre point of the radius so the turning circle is twice that at 12.6 M (very large)

        1. Hi Ken,thanks for the reply.

          You are correct, the overall turning circle is 12.6 metres, a reduction on the previous generation which was 13.8 metres.
          We apologise for the error.


          Lexus UK

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