Lexus RX 450h: Reviews round-up

Luxury, style, practicality and lower running costs than many rivals – you can have it all with the Lexus RX 450h. Here’s what the British motoring press has to say about the car.


“You can’t buy a better car for £75,000, let alone the £44,495 starting price of the RX450h. Its comforts match a Bentley. Its accessories are at the level of a top-notch Mercedes. Its interior is almost as easy on the eye as an Audi. For safe, smooth, fuel-efficient motoring for five adults, this car – as Sir Paul McCartney, or somebody astute in his retinue, must have recognised – is practically impossible to beat.”

Auto Express

“The RX was the first premium hybrid 4×4 to arrive in the UK and the latest model calls upon a 3.5-litre V6 and two electric motors – one at each axle – to provide the power. In a straight line the RX is quick, with 0-62mph dispatched in 7.8 seconds thanks to the 295bhp output.”

“Compared to the previous model Lexus has managed to boost power by 10 per cent but cut CO2 emissions and fuel consumption, by 23 and 28 per cent respectively.”

“Refinement is excellent with very little wind, road and engine noise making its way into the cabin, so long journeys are a breeze. An electric-only mode can be accessed at low speeds, which makes driving through towns a relaxing experience, too.”

Honest John

“Lexus isn’t afraid to do things differently as the RX 450h shows. Not only does it look very different from other 4x4s, but as the ‘h’ in the name suggests, this is a hybrid model.”

“On the move it’s powerful, quick and smooth plus it deals well with corners too thanks to precise steering and good body control.”

“Thanks to electric adjustment in the seat and steering column, it’s easy to get comfortable behind the wheel and the raised position gives a great view out. The seats are comfortable too, although some drivers may find they lack somewhat in side support. And those in the back get plenty of leg and head space so it’s great for carrying passengers on long journeys.”

Read our detailed review of RX 450h here. You can configure an RX 450h by visiting the designated section of the Lexus UK website. If you’d like to try the car for yourself, leave a comment and we’ll be in touch.

By Eliott Farr

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