Lexus NX: Right-hand drive interior images revealed

Lexus NX Right-hand drive interior cream

These are the first official photos of a right-hand drive Lexus NX showing its interior.

The images provide a first look at some of the different trim combinations which will be available on the NX – until now, all cabin images have been of the F Sport grade.

Lexus NX Right-hand drive interior cream

Lexus NX Right-hand drive interior black red

Cabin highlights include a thick-rimmed steering wheel, a central silver frame embedded in the instrument panel and robust knee pads for driver and front passenger.

Lexus NX Right-hand drive interior steering wheel

Lexus NX Right-hand drive interior black

Lexus NX Right-hand drive interior cream

The dash is split into two zones – display and operation – to provide the driver with easy, intuitive command of the advanced technology that the car is equipped with. For instance, the multimedia system is controlled by a remote touch tracer pad, and wireless mobile phone charging makes its debut in the NX.

Lexus NX Right-hand drive interior black

Lexus NX Right-hand drive interior black

Chief Engineer, Takeaki Kato, told us his priorities for the  interior of NX, saying: “We were obsessive about fine details such as the method of stitching the upholstery and the adoption of LFA cosmetic bolts. The instrument panel is an important item for the driver, so we added a boost meter for the turbo and a G-meter, plus a whole new console area with a newly developed touch pad type Remote Touch Interface.”

He added: “We spared no expense on the leather and stitching, and a lot of thought was put into the design of the seats.”

Lexus NX Right-hand drive interior cream trees

Prices start at £29,495, and the line-up will be comprised of five grades; S, SE, Luxury, F Sport and Premier. In March 2015, a new 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine will join the range – it will be available in F Sport grade only.

Where next?

Build your NX 300h here. If you would like to arrange a test drive, leave a comment below and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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By Eliott Farr


  1. Are there any UK spec boot/ rear seat images? I’d like to know if it possible to get into boot from inside car – like if you pull down center arm rest can you access boot

    1. Morning Jack. You can get to the ” boot ” by climbing over the rear seats ! Unless you want to do that ( would you want to climb into the boot ? ) they split about 60/40 – the seat behind the driver being the 40 I think. Some reviews indicate the rear seats are powered but I don’t think the UK spec vehicles are. No matter really as they will have a release handle either side to tip them forward. So – you can have a passenger or luggage in the rear one side, and a load ( in my case a road bike ) the other. – and have plenty of room in the boot and access it from the rear seats. Make sense ? I’m guessing you want to be able to reach into the boot, or more specifically a rear passenger wants to reach into the boot, without actually opening the boot ? If that’s the case yes, you will be able to.

      1. Hi Stirling, yes a rear passenger reaching for something in the boot – like if stored food in boot but kids are hungry on a journey with my car now I can pull center arm down and reach through into boot to get things out then close it back again.

        Picture I have seen do not seem to show this “hole” pannels

        1. Not sure what car you drive but I’ve got an oldish RX400h. Now, my rear seats split 50/50 – perfect for me to slide my bike in between without losing either of the 2 rear seats. But on the one side – built in – is a fold down armrest. It does not access the boot area – like some that may be descibed as a ” ski hatch “.
          Sadly the NX is a 60/40 split. And I’m pretty sure the fold down armrest is in the left hand side seat – but almost certain it also does not access the boot. Your children could however reach over ( a little tricky without removing a seatbelt ). However I think an adult or older child could reach over. My dog used to jump from the boot into the rear seats ! until he got older and I installed a dog guard !!
          I’d put a box of goodies between them on the rear seats. And probably install DVD screens on the rear headrests !!

    1. Hello Ian
      Thanks for your post and for your interest in the new Lexus NX.
      We are in the process of creating the brochure and with cars due in October it will not be long before we are photographing the UK model for media purposes. In the meantime we are in touch with our Lexus marketing team so see if we have anything we can email directly to you.
      Hope this helps.

  2. Really tempted by the NX as I’m due to change my company vehicle shortly. My only concern is that the warranty is not conducive to high mileage company car users at 60,000 miles or 3 years whichever comes first. Surely Lexus have enough confidence in their vehicles to provide an unlimited 3 year warranty regardless of mileage like many of your competitors?
    Your comments would be appreciated.

    1. Hello Robert
      Thanks for your post.
      Good to hear you are tempted by the NX and we do take on board your comments about the warranty.
      We can tell you that our cars are very reliable but the best option here would be to look at the various independent industry reliability surveys. These are based on owner feedback. For example we are ranked number 1 in the 2014 Which? car survey. This was announced at the end of July and you can read more about this here.
      The other point to mention is winning twelve times the top manufacturer award in the WhatCar?/JD Power customer satisfaction survey. More details can be found here.
      As mentioned these results are based on current owner feedback so there is no better way to help reinforce our reputation for vehicle reliability. We do of course also offer extended warranties on top of the manufacturer warranty which can be purchased via our network for owners who require further peace of mind.
      Hope this helps with further background but let us know if you have any other questions.

    1. Hi Jack, it’s great to hear you’re interested in the Lexus NX. You’ll be pleased to know the NX has an interior light in the front and the rear, even when it is fitted with a sunroof or panoramic roof. Hope this helps!

      1. That’s great, thanks Kerry. Though I am surprised by this as I wonder where lights go in a glass roof. I guess I will need wait until I see one for real or in a photograph

  3. Unlike some others, I think the Cream Dashboard looks absolutely great and i am sure a great many others would agree with this and the Cream Door Inserts, if they were going for the Cream (for want of a better word) Seats – why do we in the U.K. not have a choice as you obviously do produce both !!
    I am having a Premier Model from my dealers showroom, brought to me to test drive next week as I want to order an NX Luxury but there are NO Demonstrators. but with a bad back, which was fused straight 45 years ago, before they even thought of lumber support, I could not possibly test drive an F.Sport model with harder suspension, sports seats etc., but why is my Dealer having to compromise one of his vehicles – why do all dealers just have F.Sport models as Demonstrators, other dealers will not be obliging as mine – you are going to lose many sales to older Ecologists who are not ‘Boy Racers’.
    I have had many Lexus models in my past including an RX450h – which my wife refused to drive (too big) – a CT200h and a Hybrid Saloon, IS 200h? so I know and like your brand and after-sales service BUT WHY ONLY F SPORT DEMONSTRATORS and WHY NO DASHBOARD CHOICE ??

    1. Hello Roger
      Thank you for your post and for your interest in the new Lexus NX. We do value your feedback and acknowledge the number of Lexus cars you have owned. To provide a more detailed explanation we have brought this to the attention of the Lexus product team to clarify the issue regarding dashboard colour and also to address the grade chosen for dealer demonstrators. We have been advised that we will be able to provide more details for you at the end of this week and will post this as soon as we receive this.
      In the meantime thank you again for taking the time to bring this to our attention and we will be in further contact.

    2. Hello Roger
      Thank you for your patience and we have now received feedback from the product team.
      The cream dashboard, this decision was based on our views of what specification will prove popular in our market and we use data from previous historic sales as well as market research to help shape the options we choose. We have decided not to introduce this dashboard based on these findings. That said, when we first launched the NX we only offered a sunroof on one grade but based on customer feedback and opinion we have since added the sunroof to two further grades as well as now offering the panoramic roof which we did not initially take. In order words some specification changes are driven by consumer demand and the team have taken on board your comments. Being honest there are no plans currently to introduce this at the moment but we would welcome any further feedback on our Blog about the cream dashboard. Turning to the demonstrators, limited supply during the first production runs has meant that we were not able to provide choice of grades we would have liked. As the supply and demand relaxes from the initial high spike, dealers will be able to register different grade models as they become available. This was purely down to a supply issue and we do agree with your comments. We will be able to offer a greater choice in the future for test drives although this is still a few months away.
      Thank you again for your post and we do hope this has helped clarify. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

      1. My Dealer had a cancelled order for a Premium NX yesterday and I have tried everything I know to try and achieve this particular model for a next week delivery but unfortunately, I have had to decline because I was not willing to take on your totally ridiculous – in the present financial climate – APR for H.P. of 8.9%, even if it was only going to be for 1 or 2 months – so we are back to where we started; a test drive in a Premium next week (my Dealer is phoning me on Monday) and then an obvious (I assume at this state) placement for an order for an NX Luxury – perhaps with even more extras of a HUD, and Cream Dash Board and Door Inserts – after all, you say you are driven by Customer Demand, and whilst I am not DEMANDING (although perhaps I should), I am going to be a Customer again, and I will definitely be asking !!

        1. Actually, my Dealer also says that he likes the look of a Cream Dashboard and after all, it in no way reflects in any of the windows, because of where the Cream is.
          The Cream also helps reduce the rather stark, crisp, lines of the pure black, without retracting from the modernity of the design for people who are used to some, or a lot of wood (or ‘Plastic Wood’) on their dashboard, for people like me who are moving from, in my case, a Jaguar, which even in very modern models, still has it, and stands for one thing to a lot of people – which is a QUALITY product !!
          The Cream, to me, and to many others of my age, I suspect, would also stand out as meaning the same – a very Modern, but Quality product with the Dashboard and Door inserts surrounding the Cream Leather seats (which are luxurious in themselves) rather than them being in a small Oasis of something other than Black, ‘sticking out’, on their own.
          I do however, agree that with some colour and upholstery combinations, a Black Dashboard would look best, but with others I disagree – I just believe that as customers have to order way in advance of delivery at the moment, they should be given the choice.

          1. Hello Roger
            Thanks for your replies and we do appreciate your feedback regarding the cream dashboard.
            We have passed this back to the product team for their information when looking at future specification particularly in terms of the quality feel this colour conveys. We can only apologise for the fact that we do not provide a colour choice for dashboards. We do not always get it right but have to accept that sometimes with a product as complex as a car we cannot build a specification to meet each individual requirement. This is why your feedback is of value to us, we cannot learn without it. We use what we believe is a clear and simple grading strategy with few options available on top of this. This has historically proved an attraction to the Lexus brand. We do hope that you get your test drive this week and experience the NX for yourself. We would really like to hear what you think about the drive, particularly if this is the first time you have driven a hybrid. Sorry about the APR rate and point taken, regrettably we do have to advise that HUD is a feature of the Premium grade only.

  4. No David, I did not get my drive last week but I am getting it tomorrow afternoon. However in a previous post on this Blog I wrote the following (copied and pasted) “I have had many Lexus models in my past including an RX450h (and I very much liked it’s HUD) – which my wife refused to drive (too big) – a CT200h and a Hybrid Saloon IS” so you know that I have driven Hybrids before, as you also acknowledged in a previous reply, and the number I have had should tell you the answer to your question i.e. – that I like driving them, although it does make one have to re-think your right foot usage, to achieve your combined M.P.G. figures and therefore Range, although they are just achievable.
    If I order though, I will be asking for a cream interior, even if it is just only the seats, and I have already advised my Dealer that I will be ordering the Premium model, if I go ahead, and he is putting himself out to bring me a Premium Showroom Model for my Wife and I to try, because as I explained in my previous Post, with my back problems, it is pointless me trying a Sport model, which is the only model you have as Demonstrators, when I live in the worst surfaced road in the whole of Cheltenham at the moment – Vittoria Walk !

    1. Hello Roger
      Thanks for your reply and my apologies I was aware of your previous ownership of Lexus models so you would be aware of how hybrid drives. I am asking this question a lot as the Lexus NX is currently attracting many customers from other manufacturers so we are keen to learn what they think. I was a bit too keen! I agree with your comments though, you just need to adapt your driving style slightly to obtain the best from hybrid. Thanks for the update regarding your test drive and point is taken regarding the grade of demonstrators. We hope you enjoy the drive and some repairs take place to your road.
      Best wishes.

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