What Lexus NX 300h accessories are available?

Nobody likes to leave a member of the family behind, do they? Especially if it’s cute, furry, and has a wet nose. Somehow, days out and holidays aren’t quite the same without your pet. Luckily, there are several Lexus NX 300h accessories available that are specially designed to help your loyal companion to relax and enjoy journeys in safety. Perhaps your four-legged friend doesn’t have to stay at home after all …

Lexius NX Accessories

We headed to the South Downs with Tineka Fox and Zoolander, her Rhodesian Ridgeback, to give some of these pet-friendly accessories a try.

Lexus NX accessories: dog guard

The dog guard is essential for owners to transport their pooch in comfort and safety. It’s essentially a barrier between the boot and the passenger compartment, which helps to prevent your dog from disturbing you while you are driving.

It also comes with a boot divider that separates the animal from any heavy or sharp luggage that you may be carrying, stopping your pet from getting injured during the journey. It’s also handy for keeping your dog away from the shopping.

Lexus NX accessories: interior protection

A boot liner is also a very useful accessory to have if you are a pet owner. Made of durable, high-quality material, the boot liner is designed to fit seamlessly into your NX. It’s especially handy for preventing mucky paws and wet fur from getting your boot carpet dirty after a long walk in the countryside. What’s more, it can be easily removed and cleaned.

Lexus NX Accessories

It’s not just dogs that get dirty on a jaunt through the countryside, their owners do too. Which is why rubber floor mats are also a good idea. Like the boot liner, these are made from hard-wearing rubber and protect the carpet from muddy wellington boots or trainers. Helpfully, the driver’s mat has a safety fixing so that it doesn’t slide around when you’re in transit.

Lexus NX Accessories floor mats

Lexus NX 300h accessories: exterior styling and protection

It’s not just the interior of your car that needs protection; we also offer Lexus NX accessories that are intended to help keep that paintwork blemish-free. When taking your canine on a road trip in the countryside, you will often come across rough or uneven roads. That’s where mud flaps come in. Fitted front and rear, they’re effective at stopping loose stones and dirt from damaging the paintwork.

The stainless steel rear bumper protection plate, as the name suggests, helps stop the lip of the bumper from getting damaged when unloading or unloading – or getting scratched by paws and claws.

Lexus NX Accessories stainless steel treadplate

Does your dog like to hang its head out of the car window? Then you might need some wind deflectors. When fitted, the aerodynamic shape of the deflectors minimises in-cabin wind noise when you are travelling with the windows open. And they may also help to prevent your dog from getting completely wind-swept.

Lexus NX Accessories – deflectors

If you would like to order any of the accessories featured in this blog, visit our website, our eBay store or visit your local Lexus centre.

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  1. Just bought myself a Lexus NX Last weekend and then I was gifted with this add in my google feed. This makes my heart happy, as I also have a Rhodesian! What a beautiful dog and car 🙂

    1. Hi Kristin, Hope you are well. Just wondering how your experience with NX and RR been ? is it comfortable for them to travel in NX ? We have a RR (boy) and are planning on getting a 2018-2019 NX. Any tips would be helpful.

  2. How big is that doggie. I’m looking at an nx350 and wondering if my pup would fit in the boot. She wights almost 50 lbs.

    1. Hello Steve,
      Thank you for your interest in the NX.
      We would recommend visiting your nearest Lexus Centre to take a look at the NX in person to see if the boot meets your needs.

    1. Hello Julie, thanks for your question.

      Please provide a Vehicle Registration so that we can look into this.


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