What Lexus RX L accessories are available?

The Lexus RX is a great combination of versatility and luxury all bundled together in a practical SUV shape. But for those of you need the same high levels of quality and practicality then the Lexus RX L could be for you.

Equipped with seven seats, rather than five, the RX L is a great choice for those wanting to carry additional family and friends on journeys and new adventures. It is also a great companion for those seeking more audacious outdoor activities, venturing off the beaten track and into the wilderness of the British countryside. 

2019 Lexus RX L

We took the RX L to the quaint village of Buxton with Lamas in Norwich to test out the various array of genuine Lexus accessories that you can choose for the car. We had everything from floor mats to cargo nets to cross bars. 

Lexus RX L accessories: cross bar 

Cross bars

For those of you who partake in the more adventurous activities, cross bars provide a great way to transport your equipment from location to location. 

The cross bars are attached to the pre-fitted roof rails of the RX L and can support any loads that you may be carrying. They also provide a solid base for any further attachments, such as the bike carrier.  

2019 Lexus RX L accessories

We decided to try out the cross bars with a couple of kayaks. We looped the straps around the bars either side of the kayak, slid the buckle into the right place, and pulled tightly, making sure we tied off any spare strap we had. It is important that the widest part of the boat is placed between the two straps to prevent it from getting loose whilst on the road. If you twist the straps then this helps eliminate the irritating flapping noise which can be heard when the vehicle is moving quickly, especially on motorways.  

Should your kayaks (or anything else you strap to your cross bars) extend further than one metre from the rear of the car, then always remember to attach a drybag as a marker for other road users. 

Lexus RX L: Interior protection

Taking your adventure off-road can often mean getting down and dirty with nature. But you don’t want to bring all that filth into your luxurious Lexus and risk ruining the interior. To avoid this, there are several Lexus accessories that can help protect your interior from even the muddiest of boots. We fitted the RX L with a set of floor mats to protect the footwells from being stained by mud and water after a day’s kayaking. Floors mats protect the carpets and have special safety fixings to prevent the driver’s mat from slipping. They are available either in rubber or in acuvelour. 

Lexus RX rubber floor mat

In the boot, we fitted a boot liner to protect the floor from any wet clothing or oars after kayaking. It also helps prevent any scuffs caused by loading or unloading heavy items into the boot thanks to its tough, flexible plastic, non-slip surface pattern, and a raised lip around the edges. 

We also added a cargo net to the boot of our RX L to help secure any loose items that might slide around while the car is traveling. The cargo net lies horizontal in the boot and holds items such as bags and cases firmly in place. 

Lexus tablet holder

To keep passengers entertained on longer journeys, we fitted the RX L with tablet holders. These tablet holders can be fitted to both the driver and passenger seats to give rear passengers a safe and secure place to keep their tablets while on the move.

Lexus RX L accessories: exterior protection

2019 Lexus RX L mud flap

When taking your RX L off the smooth tarmacked roads and onto the rough, dirt tracks you will need to make sure your Lexus is protected against any little scrapes or scratches that can be caused by traveling over rough and uneven surfaces. We fitted our RX L with mud flaps to stop any loose stones or dirt from chipping the paintwork, as well as a stainless-steel rear bumper plate. 

The bumper-plate offers protection when loading and unloading items, such as bicycles or skis from the boot thanks to its wrap-over edge. 

Side Step

Along with the mud flaps and bumper-plate, we also fitted side steps to the Lexus to help give us a boost when using the cross bars. Using the side steps to stand on gives an extra bit of height when securing things to the roof and is a much safer option than standing on the door sills which could be easily damaged. The side steps are easily attached to the existing sills of the car and can offer added side protection to the vehicle when off-road. 

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