Lexus keeps a step ahead with new CT 200h advance

There’s an exciting new addition to the Lexus range – the new Lexus CT 200h Advance. This latest version of the world’s only full hybrid luxury hatchback delivers a wealth of extra equipment features, for only a modest price premium.

Available to order now, and expected to be arriving on our roads well in time for Christmas, the new CT 200h Advance takes the current SE model as its starting point. As its name suggests, it goes further with a raft of prestige and innovative features.

These include cruise control, reversing camera, an auto-dimming rear-view mirror with an integrated parking monitor, rain-sensing wipers, electrically-adjustable folding door mirrors and metallic paint.

The Advance also introduces a new integrated MoveOn satellite navigation system, with a built-in control panel in the centre console, just below the gear selector.

The unit lets you link to Live information services without having to use your mobile phone, allowing you to access latest data on weather, traffic and speed cameras – and gain extra local knowledge using TomTom Live Search.

Another new Lexus feature is the Advance’s Tahara upholstery. It’s good looking, supple and hard-wearing like leather, but weighs significantly less and is less harmful to the environment to make, generating 65 per cent less CO2 and no potentially damaging volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It’s available in tan or black, according to which shade of exterior paint you choose.

The Advance’s on-the-road price of £24,495 is only £500 more than the CT 200h SE, in spite of the extra equipment and inclusive of a year’s subscription to the Live online services.

In other respects the Advance mirrors the CT 200h SE specification, with premium features such as dual-zone climate control, push button start, Bluetooth, fog lights, rear privacy glass, 17-inch alloy wheels and a six-speaker audio system with USB port.

Like its sister models, the Advance uses the ultra-refined and efficient Lexus Hybrid Drive system which returns a road tax-beating 94g/km CO2 emissions and official 68.9mpg combined cycle fuel economy, And being a full hybrid, it gives the added benefit of all-electric EV mode for zero emissions, zero petrol driving for up to 1.2 miles (battery charge permitting).


  1. I really fancy one of these. I read somewhere if you want dab radio you lose the satnav is that correct? If so do you have to pay for dab?

    1. Hi Duncan,
      Thanks for your post.
      The model year 2013 CT200h, currently on sale, comes with DAB when Satellite Navigation is ordered. DAB radio can also be added to the previous model without effecting the navigation system.
      We hope this helps.

      1. hi thanks for the reponse. My question relates specifically to the “advance” model mentioned above. Some independent review sites that have an article on the launch of the “advance” state that it comes with moveon satnav but if you specify DAB radio you lose the satnav. An example can be found here:

        I have asked in several places about this model and I’m really surprised Lexus have announced it but so few lexus staff seem to know anything about it. To the point one customer service guy told me know such model existed. I have to order a new company in next week or so and really like the sound of this model. I would really appreciate if someone could definitively answer my question and perhaps even supply some images of the two different colours available for the interior.

    1. Hi Duncan,
      Good spot, and you’re right: “Other options include…a DAB digital tuner (which requires deletion of the Move On satellite navigation)”.
      We hope this helps to answer your question.
      Many thanks, have a good evening.

      1. Hi just to further confuse matters I contacted the dealer I would buy from and they checked with the “vehicle supply team at Lexus head office who said that dab is an option in addition to standard navigation (not instead of). This makes sense as the main feature if the advance is that it is built with navigation as standard, so Lexus would not build one without it and then charge an additional £360 to remove it just to add dab”

        This is a direct quote from the dealer.

        To be honest I would have thought lexus would have been a bit better organised.

        1. This response is an apology with regards to our previous reply.
          The original press release was incorrect, which is what we had referred to when replying. The Advance model comes with Move On satellite navigation as standard with DAB radio as an option. You can have both.
          Please accept our apologies for this mis-information, we are updating the press release.
          Many thanks and kind regards.

  2. Hi

    I see the advance on the website now. Looking at the interior pics it looks like the tahara trim isn’t the full seat ( Ie the middle looks to be standard upholstery) or is it just my dodgy monitor?

    1. Hi,
      As you know, the Advance grade features exclusive Tahara trim as a standard. This is a durable, lightweight (50% lighter) and eco friendly, releasing 65% less CO2 and using no solvents in its production when compared to leather.
      Tahara trim is available in Black or Tan and has a bamboo dashboard inlay fitted with Tan trim and a graphite-look inlay with Black trim.
      We’ll work on getting some decent images online for you. The trim, for your information, covers the entire seat, not just the side panels. We are working on updating the website to include Tahara images.
      Hope this helps! Many thanks.

  3. Downloaded the new ct brochure which now includes the advance model. Images of the upholstery are still not great. Guess I will just have to wait to see what turns up. !!

    1. Still not received. Ironically for me it’s apparently a problem with the DAB that is delaying it. Oh well.

      1. Sorry your new CT is delayed. These things can happen and is dependant on many factors. We do hope that your new car will be with you soon, your Centre should be keeping in touch with you on dates and times.
        Do let us know if we can help.
        Best wishes.

  4. Does anyone know how much the sat nav will be after the first year? And if you do not subscribe will it work anyway, ie the speed camera etc?

    1. Hi Jo,
      Thanks for your question.
      The CT200h Advanced uses the TomTom MoveOn navigation. You can find out more about this navigation system here: Map updates will be available through TomTom, and so they will be able to provide information on pricing packages available. If you decide not to subscribe to these updates, the navigation system will continue to work in the same way, however without the latest updates applied.
      We hope this helps.

    1. Hi Ray,
      Thanks for getting in touch.
      We can confirm the suspension has not changed on the Lexus CT200h Advance. The Advance comes on 17″ alloy wheels however we do offer optional 16″ alloy wheels to customers who require a smoother ride, this option is free of charge when the vehicle is ordered.
      Your local Lexus Centre can help with regards to more details and to arrange a test drive. Please click on the link to find your nearest Centre:
      Hope this helps.

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