Lexus IS Art Project: update

It’s the end of day three of our Lexus IS art project, and time for our first update.

The first collage is now all but finished, providing us with the foundation from which we can begin to build new images, as well as a film. The full set of images from the project’s initial work are available in the gallery above, and we’d love to get your feedback. Simply leave us a comment, or join us on facebook, or instagram.

Are there areas of the car you’d like to see shot in greater detail? Are there elements of the collage you’d like to see close up?

Up until now, the creative effort has been led by car photographers Matt Vosper and Barry Hayden. They leave the project this evening (February 25th), and hand over to a new group, including Stephen Lenthall, Peter Guenzel and Arlen Figgis.

Still life specialist Stephen Lenthall, whose photography regularly graces the pages of design magazines Wallpaper* and Creative Review, will be highlighting some of the excellent new elements of the IS, in close-up detail both inside and out.

Peter Guenzel has produced editorial and advertising work for luxury carmakers and product designers plus media outlets including German GQ, Elle Decor Italia and The Guardian Weekend. His brief is to document the whole project using only natural light and his superb eye to tell the story of the shoot.

The final piece of the main artistic puzzle will be videographer, film editor and music composer Arlen Figgis. Son of feature film director Mike Figgis, Arlen has a highly impressive CV in his own right, recently producing short films for Roots Manuva and the Fun Lovin’ Criminals. For Lexus, he will edit the behind the scenes video and lend an original music score to the mix.

For more on the Lexus IS art project, catch our original blog post, here.


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