Lexus CT 200h: Art of Noise

The quality of our new Lexus CT 200h runs more than skin deep…

The Hybrid engine technology fitted to the Lexus CT 200h gives our luxurious hatchback a clear advantage over its diesel-engined rivals.

Not only is the petrol-electric engine much quieter, but the whole car’s design and engineering is tuned to deliver the very best in comfort and refinement.

That’s why it’s become the first car to be awarded the Quiet Mark, the international mark of approval from the UK Noise Abatement Society.

To help bring that advantage to life, we enlisted the help of German company HEAD acoustics – a company that has built a strong reputation on aurally accurate analysis of sound events.

We were joined by Günther Eberhardt, a sound engineer with the firm, who set about measuring and reviewing every sound the car makes.

Using an advanced set of microphone recorders, mounted in a device shaped to replicate the human head, the CT was reviewed and rated – and not just for the performance of its engine.

We also tested the car’s cabin for wind noise, squeaks and rattles, plus reviewed and rated simple “acoustic” events – like the sound made by the door closing.

At the end of the test, Günther summed up the results of the investigation:

“The hybrd technology with petrol engine and electric drive has a big advantage when compared to standard diesel engine cars. The start and stop of the engine is very quiet.The good design of specific details is giving me the impression of a premium car. It creates a nice, safe feeling of quality.”

“The switch between electric drive and combustion drive is so silent, you have to look to your display to realise that your engine is running…”

For further information about the CT 200h, visit the designated section of the Lexus UK website. If you’d like a taster of the Lexus experience, leave a comment and we’ll arrange a test drive at your local Lexus dealer.

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