Lexus Hybrid Health Check

It’s fair to say that Lexus pioneered the development luxury hybrid cars with the launch of the GS 450h in 2006. We’ve gone on to expand the availability of Lexus Hybrid Drive technology to every model in our line-up, an achievement that remains unmatched by rivals.

The Lexus Hybrid Drive powertrain in your car effortlessly blends the power of a petrol engine with electric motors to give you an unrivalled mix of performance, refinement and fuel efficiency. The system also offers smooth, near-silent driving, which is why owners have repeatedly told us that Lexus Hybrids are as rewarding to drive, as they are to own.

Even so, this innovative technology needs specialist expertise to keep it in top condition…

Our free* Lexus Hybrid Health Check is designed to do just that, we first analyse the status and condition of your Lexus “traction” battery. This 400 volt pack is the battery that powers your car’s wheels, and is separate to the 12v starter battery that’s used to start the engine.

The next step is to check and confirm the car’s fuel consumption, to ensure that the petrol engine and electric motors are working in unison.

Finally, we examine the car’s Hybrid cooling systems, to ensure that the system is working at optimal temperature.

The technicians that carry out these tests are graduates of the highly regarded Lexus Certified Training programme – and are experts in all aspects of hybrid design and technology.

The results of the test are carefully recorded and clearly explained, and if any part of the system requires work or refinement, this will be discussed along with recommended next steps.

By scheduling the health check annually you can spot any issues early and take action.

*The Hybrid Health Check is offered free of charge as part of your service at an Official Lexus centre. The Lexus Hybrid Health Check is also available as a standalone product for £59.00.

For more on Lexus servicing, watch the video below.


  1. I have a ct200h RJ14EAY and wanted to know if I get a hybrid battery health check how much is the cost and will I get a warranty after the health check

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