Lexus Charging Network: a meeting of technology and convenience

Lexus is placing innovative technology at the heart of the ownership experience for drivers of the new UX 300e, our first battery-electric vehicle (BEV). A key element of this will be the availability of a new complementary service called Lexus Charging Network.

Designed to be accessed through the Lexus Link app, the new Lexus Charging Network service is linked to Europe’s largest network of around 160,000 public charging stations. As well as allowing owners to quickly locate participating charging stations throughout Europe, the service will provide information on each station’s immediate availability, charging speed and price per kWh.

By using the Lexus Charging Network, UX 300e owners will benefit from a convenient charging solution that requires just one contract and a single charging card. This means it will be possible to hook up to participating charging stations in different countries without the need for a selection of cards and contracts with other providers. Payment is made via a single monthly invoice.

Lexus UX 300e: advanced connectivity

The Lexus Link app gives UX 300e owners remote control of a number of key vehicle functions. For example, it is possible to activate the vehicle’s air conditioning system and tune the cabin climate before getting behind the wheel. Further controls will allow owners to gauge how long it will take before the battery is fully charged, and to create a schedule that will only commence charging when energy prices are low.

Alongside BEV-related tasks, Lexus Link already includes the following useful features:

  • Find My Car locates and guides the driver back to their Lexus
  • Share To Car enables the driver to plan a route on another device and send it to their Lexus
  • Car To Door guides the owner on foot to their final destination once they are parked
  • Driving Analytics lets the Lexus owner track journeys, driver style, and highlight business trips
  • Service and Maintenance helps the driver manage the care of their Lexus
  • Warning Lights reveals the meaning of any warning lights displayed in the dashboard and explains any action that should be taken

Lexus UX 300e: trouble-free charging options

Having studied BEV usage patterns, Lexus sized the battery in the UX 300e so that the majority of European drivers will only need to charge once a week. In most cases, this will be carried out overnight at home using an AC charging station that Lexus will help install.

A number of innovative features make home charging especially convenient for the UX 300e owner. For example, there is a setting that enables owners living at the top of a hill to select a lower maximum charge level. This will allow the battery to be topped up to maximum through free, regenerative charging when descending the hill rather than being charged at cost through the grid.

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  1. Hi,
    I work for Insight energy, a Renewable energy company that deals with and installs solar panels, battery storage and electric vehicle chargers. My job is to understand all there is to know about EV chargers, which brings me to the question where can i find the information about the Lexus EV charger? there is obvious pictures of it but no information on it?
    it would be great if you could help me with this problem
    i will be looking forward to hearing from you.


    1. Hello Jack,
      Thank you for contacting Lexus.
      Our charge points (Alfen Eve S Line) are installed by BG.
      We would recommend contacting Alfen Eve or BG for technical specifications.

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